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“Battle of the Stars” among the Bank CFs

CFs in general are a big deal in Korea.  Aside from the lucrative contracts, the number of CFs secured by a star is often used as a measure of the celeb’s popularity…  I mean there’s a website dedicated to the ranking of CF models!  Seunggi’s been sitting at #2 behind Kim Yuna for a while, so no complaints! :)

Also, the type of CF brands are typically associated with the celeb’s popularity status.  Bank and financial group CFs are probably one of the highest status CFs out there and typically reserved for top stars.  So, when Seunggi was brought on by KB Bank last year, that was a probably a super big deal!  And the Seunggi-Kim Yuna KB Bank CF during the winter olympics was a huge hit…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

According to a recent MoneyToday article, banks in Korea are being strategic about their marketing use of celebs in their CFs and advertisements.  The snippet about KB Bank states:  “For their CF models, KB Financial Group has used nation’s baseball hitter Lee Seung Yup, swimming star Park Tae Hwan, and up to last month were using Kim Yuna and nation’s younger brother Lee Seung Gi together.”

Woori Bank has just brought on actor Jang Dong Gun…

Hana Bank has Kim Tae Hee and Go Soo…

Shinhan Bank has MC Yoo Jae Suk…

All these celebs are super likeable… I guess one of the key characteristics necessary to be a CF model for a Bank!  And I absolutely love Kim Tae Hee and she and Go Soo look amazing together in the Hana Bank CF below…

(cr: maidung2007)

But something about SeungGi’s KB Bank CF, especially as it’s tied to the Hope Campaign, feels way more real.  Plus the whole concept from KB Bank about helping small business owners is genius!  I think this probably resonates more with the everyday person.  And plus who can’t help but to love the Seunggi-Kim Yuna CF…  it’s almost perfect, except that they had to use composite photos! LOL!  Still waiting to see their next CF together!

Below is a recent clip from KBS ADlive.
It goes behind-the-scenes and talks to a KB Bank rep about Seunggi’s endorsement.
Read English translation summary below the video clip…

(cr: leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)

Loose English translation summary (cr: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

If figure queen Kim Yuna is the queen of cfs then the king of cfs is “uhm-chin-ah” SeungGi.  KB Bank rep:  People continually say if they were to have a son or daughter, they want to raise him or her to grow up like Seunggi, that is the hope of parents.  So what is it about LSG’s image?  The rep says:  first of all, there really isn’t anybody who dislikes LSG and thus he’s really a perfect match for financial/bank marketing.

When LSG arrives for the CF filming, they say that the women were super excited and it was as if they had gone back in time! ha ha ha.  Also, the director did not have a script for LSG and asked him to improvise instead!  Thus the “OMG” from the narrator.  So basically he’s adlibbing.  When Seunggi mistakedly drops the rice cake trays, they say this is so “heodang” of him!

The KB Bank rep is being interviewed again and he talks about LSG’s great traits:  sincerity, politness, healthy image, young star with great potential — for these reasons they chose LSG and it made them wonder if there really are many people out there like this guy.  During the filming, LSG jokes around that this is more a rice cake CF than bank CF, to which the director jokingly agrees!  When they flash to the fish market CF filming, they talk about how LSG comes off so natural with the other actors.

What do you think of LSG as the Hope messenger for KB Bank.  The rep says, up to the time before filming he didn’t know, but at that time, LSG told him that both his parents had been employees of KB Bank.  Thus it made him think that perhaps there was some special connection between KB Bank and SeungGi early on.  Awwww.

See LSG’s other KB Bank CFs HERE and HERE.

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