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3,500 SeungGi-endorsed Zipel fridges sold in one month

When LSG’s cf first came out, I was seriously wondering who would buy this type of fridge, particularly in this current economy…  I mean, the $2,355 (US dollars) pricetag isn’t necessarily on the cheap side!  But there seems to be a market for blinged out, premium fridges…

Samsung introduced the Zipel Massimo Zucchi fridge line a few months ago with SeungGi as the new face for all Zipel kitchen furniture products.  Zipel went all out on the marketing which included:  LSG singing in the tv CF, a super stylish LSG fashion shoot, and sleek interactive website following LSG’s CF filming rehearsal

And it seems to have paid off…

According to MoneyToday, on April 18th, Samsung reported that they had sold 3,500 Zipel Massimo Zucchi fridges in one month!  They said that these numbers are pretty hard to come by, particularly among premium fridges.  In addition to the luxurious design by Italy’s Massimo Zucchi, they indicated that Seunggi’s CF song aimed at women consumers was a big contribution to the marketing campaign. 

Glad that Seunggi’s endorsements continue to be successful.  There was also a recent article out about how Pizza Hut had seen an increase in sales after LSG started to endorse Pizza Hut.  Congrats Seunggi because we know that in addition to you enjoying your hard-earned money, you also use your money for good causes and plan to continue to do more in the future.

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  1. A good news for me today…
    Chukaee seunggiyaa…

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