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Sunkist fan signing, photos and fancams (4.16.10)

Seunggi sported a new hairdo at his Sunkist fan signing event on April 16th…
I like I like!!!!  The cody must have been snooping around on the LSG fansites and saw that most fans were not very happy with the recently permed hair!

Liking the loose, straight, hair and especially liking the nice simple, stylish outfit: trendy t-shirt with slim-line (no beading!) jacket and no unnecessary accessories!  Hope cody realizes s/he can keep it simple but stylish and that LSG will do the rest.  He looks fab and totally put together…

Cute how he was putting the “hearts” after the fans’ names.  I don’t think he was doing that for the older ajuma fans, but they were probably so wanting him to!  ha ha ha ha.

Since it was a Sunkist-sponosored event, the fan signing was held at a grocery store.  Plus, I think the event was also being held to  commemorate the recent high sales of Sunkist.  But it was held on a Friday at 3pm, so I’m not really sure which target audience the sponsors had in mind… not the ideal time for anyone, except for maybe stay-at-home moms? :)

Perhaps explaining, per one fan account, that there were less people at this event than the recent Edwin signing event that was ultimately cancelled.  The fan said that, in general, the grocery store wasn’t that crowded since it was 3pm on a friday!   They also chose not to publicize this Sunkist fan signing at all and fans only heard about it a few weeks prior… so perhaps, they didn’t want a lot of people to come? who knows.  anyway, supposedly, only fan signing for 200 fans was planned.

Also looks like only one news outlet (in this case, Yonhap) got the pass for the event; they did a similar thing with LSG’s concert last year.  Not sure what that’s about…

Sometimes, Seunggi really looks like Park Hae Jin (I think that’s his name) to me.
The guy from Family Outing Season 1.  again, I’m soooooo liking the new hairdo! :)

Seunggi really has fans across all ages!

Heard his skin was looking really good and fresh… you can tell in the photos!

(photo credits: DClsg; Yonhap news; As labeled)

Per DClsg fan account, at exactly 3pm, Seunggi entered and said hello and started the signing right away.  The tv monitor played the sunkist CFs for the people standing in line, and also showed live snippets of seunggi signing his name and shaking hands with fans… check out the fancam below:

(cr: tryp96)

Rules were that no other items would be signed, only the Sunkist-LSG photo.
But per fan account, one fan presented LSG’s repackage album to sign and the rep there said that this was not allowed.  But supposedly, LSG asked why not to the rep and went ahead and signed the CD for the fan…  Awwwww!  But after that, they didn’t allow signings for other items!   More fancam:

(cr: tryp96)

There’s another fan signing event in two weeks sponsored by Haitai Beverage Pyong Chang Su water… at another grocery store.  This makes me think these events are not necessarily geared at LSG fans perse, but publicizing the product and getting shoppers to buy the drink products…

That’s fine and probably required as part of LSG’s CF contract…  but with recent news about the potential overexposure of LSG and him being everywhere, I’m not feeling too hot about all these fan signings being bunched together.   The whole idea of a fan signing is that that it’s a sort of rare and special event…  but I’m sure fans love it and the 3pm grocery shopping ajummas probably love it too!

Also, SEE MORE PHOTOS at: Timeless LSG blog and Binny’s blog.

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4 Responses

  1. aww.. he’s really nice to fans.. but even if its not allow to sign with CD.. he’ll do it for fans.. he likes towards fans.. ^^

  2. Gomawo lsgfans..
    Really like seunggi so much with his new style..so handsome,gentle..
    Wowwww..seunggiyaa saranghe..

  3. thank you for posting up these fanpics.
    i can see that you are a real fan of lsg.

    i love his hairstyle!!!and also the casual suits

  4. I am hopeful now!!!! I can meet him and ask him to sign my LSGi cd as well ^haha^

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