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Seunggi ~~ Hwaiting!!! Kolon Sport CFs update

(cr: DClsg)

Some fan-photoshopped pix…  SeungGi would probably totally love nyc!
The sophisticated city life, arts/culture, and east coast smarts is a perfect fit for him… maybe he could do some of his grad studies in the States!

Ha, love the auction house painting pic below!
I can totally see him sitting as one of the bidders at Sotheby’s!

(cr: DClsg)

And just for fun, Seunggi brain mashup from a fan a while back… hilarious!

Also, heard that Seunggi is filming a CF today… not sure what it’s for.

And Kolon Sport is continually updating their website with new photos of LSG and LMJ, so make sure to check out the website link to the left regularly.   Recent shots from Kolon Sport website:

Um, is holding hands necessary for a photo shoot? ha ha ha ha ha.

(cr: Daum LSG)

Also Danone Activia blog is regularly updating with pix so check it out too.
Looks like they’re getting more and more creative/artistic with the shots!

And, don’t worry about Seunggi and Strong Heart. Seunggi works really hard in everything he does and does it quietly and humbly.  And everyone, netizens and the press, knows it — that’s part of the reason why people love him and other people find it very hard to dislike him.

Also, not just saying this as an LSG fan, but really, most people (netizens and press) agree Hodong and Seunggi are a great combo on tv, so the 3 little articles about the “awkward” coupling that got a lot of attention, did what it set out to do: get a lot of attention.

But fairly pointed out, was the potential overexposure of Seunggi with his 2 variety shows and CFs.  It also mentioned that 1n2d may be a more favorable fit for LSG than Strong Heart is for him… another fair thing to say.  One of the the reasons why ppl love LSG on 1n2d is that he’s so funny (in a cute way) without trying to be; it’s not forced or planned.  So hopefully, SH can focus more on the serious and more natural side of LSG as MC rather than a jokey and has-to-be-funny side…

Plus, things make news one day and then the next day, some other entertainment-related celeb story is blown out of proportion and takes its place… quickly forgotten the next day.  Seunggi and Strong Heart will be fine.

Seunggi ~~ Hwaiting!! ;) :) :)

3 Responses

  1. Thank you lsgfans for this post..it’s make me feel better…

    I believe seunggi will be better n more better with all the critism….

    Seunggiyaa hwaiting..
    Hodongaaa hwaiting..
    Kangshimjang hwaiting..
    Ilbaak ee hwaiting..

  2. Thanks Ann, you’re truly LSG fan…like reading about your thoughts….

    Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.

    Just wanna share this fanmade done by koolbrosia,

  3. Seung gi ma cp c ?

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