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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (4.13.10)

April 13, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  KBS Win Win = 12.2% (9th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          Strong Heart = 10.7% (13th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

TNS Media:     KBS Win Win = 12.4% (9th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          Strong Heart = 11.3% (11th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

KBS Win Win beat out Strong Heart for the first time on Tuesday.  And as expected, looks like worldstar Rain’s appearance on Win Win made a big impact.  However, Strong Heart’s ratings are continuing to decline week to week, but it’s still above the 10% mark.  Also it’s remained #1 in its time slot except for this Tuesday episode.  And, I’m not sure why, but supposedly Strong Heart’s broadcast started 30 minutes later than usual. 

Congrats to Win Win for posting strong ratings, but the Korean press really drives me nuts sometimes… they make it out like it’s the end of Strong Heart because they’re not in the #1 time slot for the first time in 6 months!  Anyway, I’m sure Strong Heart PD and staff will take this to heart and make adjustments as needed.  

Strong Heart – Fighting!  KHD and LSG – Fighting!   

Read comments about last week’s ratings HERE.

April 6, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  Strong Heart = 11.8% (11th highest rating in Tues. top 20) 
                          KBS Win Win = 8.0%

TNS Media:     Strong Heart = 13.2% (8th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

March 30, 2010

All Variety shows were cancelled due to the naval ship tragedy in Korea.

March 23, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  Strong Heart = 15.3% (9th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          KBS Win Win = 7.0%

TNS Media:     Strong Heart = 14.9% (7th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

March 16, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  Strong Heart = 15.1% (9th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          KBS Win Win = 7.8%

TNS Media:     Strong Heart = 15.3% (8th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

March 9, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  Strong Heart = 16.5% (7th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          KBS Win Win = 7.9%

TNS Media:     Strong Heart = 15.6% (8th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

March 2, 2010

AGB Nielsen:  Strong Heart = 16.6% (6th highest rating in Tues. top 20)
                          KBS Win Win = 6.9%

TNS Media:     Strong Heart = 16.2% (6th highest rating in Tues. top 20)

9 Responses

  1. I do hope that pd need to concentrate to his edition.

    seung gi did his best.that comforted me alot.
    and i think rain is the world star.the ratings got 4% higher is just the same as the one seung gi’s episode in happy together 2 months ago.

  2. I just read the news from allkpop, I really don’t like the opinion how could they said something like that.
    I don’t want to put their word here so you can read from the this: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/04/strong-heart-is-losing-popularity

    • allkpop was simply translating some stupid articles out in the news today. korean press is very fickle and one week they say one thing and the next week they say something else.

      so up to this point and for months, everyone, esp the press has highlighted the great MC-duo of KHD and LSG, particularly b/c of their experience doing 1n2d for 3 years together. and now, all of a sudden they’re an “awkward” MC duo? that’s ridculous. typical korean article to based on little long term facts — and plus, it didn’t even mention that Rain was on Win Win and how the show’s ratings jumped for the first time like this.

      anyway, this is good for the SH staff and PD and the MCs. and good for LSG too. almost everything LSG does has been gold thus far so it’s sometimes good to have a reality check and plus the press loves LSG too so it’s good to sometimes have not such a favorable article once in a while! :) :) i just feel bad for him b/c, for some reason, all the pressure for the show is being placed on him when he is the newbie MC and Hodong is the experienced one!

      also, now LSG fans know how other fans feel — and SH is still doing well despite diminished ratings! like fans of Yoona and Taec must be so sad each week after Fam Outing ratings come out; or even with Win Win’s Taeyeon and Wooyoung, the show’s ratings have been continually low until this past ep.

      so, cheer up LSG fans. this is a good thing in the long run for LSG and Strong Heart staff and PD. i’m sure the ratings will turn around soon. we’re just not used to this type of thing (10.7% ratings which isn’t even bad!) with LSG shows! :)

  3. let’s just wait for win win’s ratings after rain’s tv guesting. somehow it depends on who the guests were. it would have been a shame if despite rain’s appearance, win win still low in ratings, wouldn’t it?

    • Win Win has SNSD coming up so that’s going to be a popular ep too with Taeyon being an MC on the show.

      But honestly, I don’t want Win Win to have low ratings so that Strong Heart has high ratings… i think if the SH PDs go that route, that’s bad thinking. SH had high ratings before even while Win Win ratings stayed the same. same with 1n2d, when Fam Outing was making a push, 1n2d PDs thought about their own show and how to make it better and i think SH staff should do the same and not think aobut the other shows.

      and one thing ppl liked about SH is that they don’t focus the show on the popularity of the guests but try to get viewers to keep coming back with their familiarity with the hosts. or at least that’s what the fickle korean press was saying a few weeks ago! :)

      i hate anti and netizen type sentiments and i feel like those are the ones that typically want to pit two shows or celebs against each other… so i hope SH just focuses on what they need to do and not think about Win WIn too much. both shows can be successful and have over 15%+ ratings at the same time…

  4. LSGi and KHD hosting on strong heart always focus on being sincere, honest, humorous and genuine towards every guest. Love all the episodes…

    Will continue to support STRONG HEART!

  5. Frankly speaking I don’t think the rating will be not be that low (if you consider above 10 is low) if they didn’t delay the broadcast for 40mins. It was already close to midnite in korea time when they started the show and Win Win was already 3/4 thru’ . I think it is kind of unfair to compare both show since both are not in the same time slot. Anyway, I don’t think LSG will be that greatly affected as in one of the ep. , he said that in what you see in the papers or incident maybe the fact but may not the truth.(*( I hope I’m saying it correctly. ) For those who can read chinese : 你所看到事实未必是真相

    • you’re right. It’s not fair to compare winwin with strong heart b/c honestly, strong heart was delayed for 40mins which will have impact on the rating. Some people probably turned their channel or they went to bed thinking the show was cancelled or sth… and “What you see in the paper or the media maybe the fact but it may not be the truth.” <= so truth!! I think..what you see in the media or the article can be manipulated…. I don't always believe that media is telling truth, that's why I always try to think careful about what I believe in..

  6. I think all the unnecessary attention and comparison Strong Hearts is getting is due to it’s strong ratings from the very beginning (in the league of established shows like Golden Fishery and Happy Together). In fact, ratings of 12% and below are what most shows are getting nowadays. I think people should not jump the gun and give Strong Heart a few more weeks before coming to any conclusion. Ultimately, I believe the production team should seriously rethink about how they run things now, if they wish Strong Heart to succeed in the long run.

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