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2010’s Handsome Stars, who made the cut?

Video clip of TvN Enews, 2010 Handsome Stars cut, 4.7.10 — Having looked at the representative handsome stars from back in the 1960s and then in 2000, TvN lists the top 5 handsome stars looking to represent in 2010.  See who made the cut…

(cr: 1313meow)

1) Kim Hyun Joong
2) Lee Seung Gi
3) Go Soo
4) Jang Geun Suk
5) Lee Min Ho

English translation of LSG part (cr: LSGfan.wordpress.com) —

Who is this kid with big eyes but no double eyelids?  [btw, LSG does have double eyelids].  Who are you?  If you don’t know, think about his cute laugh~ You get a better sense now, right?

Recently having revealed his six-pack, going from young guy to more and more man-like, this is of course heartwarming guy and current generation trend, Lee Seung Gi.

LSG: In preparation for the concert, I thought it might be a good idea to get my abs in good shape and presentable, so I worked on my abs.

Oh, Seunggi if even you start acting like this, what are all the noonas supposed to do? Having started out singing out to noonas through his song You’re my Woman, these days Lee Seung Gi is really doing everything through dramas, variety, and even CFs.

Handsome early on at a young age, Lee Seung Gi is our #2 Handsome Star for 2010.


You really have to take all the never-ending star rankings and online survey polls (often pertaining to some ridiculous topic) that Korea does with a grain of salt… and also the same stars usually show up and are lumped together.  But I think it will be interesting to see how these guys continue to fare.

Aside from Go Soo, the rest of the other 4 guys are around the same age and made debuts around the same time, although in the case of LMH, people only recently got to really know him last year through the kdrama hit Boys over Flowers.   But LSG, KHJ, and JGS have been around for a few years — remember LSG and KHJ from their early music and Xman days and LSG and JGS from the Nonstop days.  And all 3 of the guys have become more and more popular and successful over time.

It’ll be interesting to see where these guys are in like 5+ years… hope they end up doing their required military service together around the same time.  Although it’s just too sad to even think about having all these guys gone at the same time, I’d feel better knowing that they wouldn’t feel as alone this way, making those two years pass by more quickly. :)

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  1. Sorry for this bad question. But I’m not so good at English understanding, so, can u help me make it more clear about this phrase “who made the cut”? Thanks for your post and translation work so much.

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