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Photoblog, LSG visits family from KBS show Dong Heng

The KBS human documentary show “Dong Heng” was so heartfelt.  Seunggi so did not seem like some celeb just doing charity work!  The narrator even remarked how LSG played with the kids as if he were simply a neighborhood oppa.  But what he says in above screencap definitely made him even more the ideal guy you want to bring home to mom and dad —

He was talking to the kids’ dad about learning a lot from watching the show, and referring to the kids’ grandma in the hospital.  LSG (to the dad) ~ “Especially, after watching how you treated your mother, it made me reflect on how I need to be good to my parents.”  Awwwww…

LSG showed up with Pizza Hut.  Smart thinking to win the kids’ hearts.

And he also came bearing gifts, but not extravagant ones.  Nice, practical gifts the family could feel good about — new shoes for the school year.  The dad said getting the kids shoes had been stressing him out and that he dreamed a good dream the night before about it.

And to break the ice a bit, he played some mook-ji-pah with the kids.

Looks like all that time LSG spent playing games with his hyungs on 1n2d was not in vain, as he was able to put that to good use!

And in no time, the girls got over their initial shyness…

Aside from just it being his personality, I think having a younger sister probably has made him be a very good oppa.  Because he’s the 1n2d maknae, I forget that he is the older brother to some girl… some girl that we all totally envy!

Nothing else needs to be said but… Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

And lastly… Fighting message to the family he visited.

(Images: DCLSG, As labeled)

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  1. Thank you for all the translation….now I know what were they saying….:)

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