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SeungGi visits needy family on human documentary program

The 1억 KRW ($90,000 US) donation Seunggi made was to be  used for the needy participants in the KBS human documentary program Dong Heng.  And he went to visit the a family too…

KBS Dong Heng, Seunggi visits family, 04/08/2010

(credit: leeseunggiworld)

In addition to helping people who really need it and Seunggi wanting to be personally involved in these projects, I think this really helps to offset some of the typical jealousy/envy that netizens could feel towards LSG’s string of high profile, lucrative CFs (and just successful celebs in general).

You have to have some degree of money to give it away (and some choose not to!), so it’s great to see himalready doing this!  Plus, he’ll bring attention to these causes and get others to give too!

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10 Responses

  1. thx for sharing the clip lee! and also didn’t know about this second yt channel!

  2. Wow! though the tv station try to blur the logo of the track shoes, it’s so clear it’s Nike…^_^ at least he doesn’t buy cheap stuff for them…

    look how the gals at home keep on staring at Seung Gi… lucky gals!!

    any idea what is the english name of this programme? is it shown on KBS World?

  3. Said awww! :) :)
    thank you for sharing Ann and Lee

  4. Thank you everyone for all the updates about LSGi ^_^!
    “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  5. What’s even more touching the whole thing is what he says in the clip. When talking to the parents, LSG says that he learned a lot by watching the love shared within the family on the show and that it made him think of his own parents and how to be better to them.

    also the narrator says that LSG became like a neighborhood oppa to the girls. seriously, how cute and comfy are LSG and the little girls together??!! i think LSG may be about as real as they come.

  6. yon — I don’t think the show is on KBS world and not sure if it has an official English title; I think it roughly translates into “accompanying someone”

    Eunice — checked out the nate fan account. basically, a college student visiting her uncle got in the elevator and realized it was LSG and had a conversation with him.

    He actually said hello to her and as the spoke, he asked if she was new to the building as he had not seen her around before. she said she was staying with her uncle, that she was from the country. she said she was a college student and he thought she was a high schooler.

    she asked for his autograph and he was opened his bag to take out a pen and paper but was already at his own floor. he said that he would still give her his autograph and she said that it was okay since he was already at his floor. and he asked are you sure and said that next time she is visiting again, he will def sign for her then.

    she noted what all the fan accounts have said when they meet LSG in person — his face is really small! :) he’s very tall. very cute. and so polite and well-mannered. and doesn’t have an air of being a celeb at all. and how she’s so envious of the girl who will end up as LSG’s wife someday! :) and that she plans to visit her uncle and stay with him much more often :)

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