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Hodong reenacts Seunggi’s Chung Jung Won CF [SH cuts]

So, to pick up people’s mood about the recent Strong Heart episode ratings, check out this hilarious clip of Hodong teasing Seunggi about one of his recent CFs and Mighty Mouth’s SangChoo (notorious for his dedication to working out) assessing Seunggi’s abs photo.  Loose English translation below the clip…

(cr: tryp96)

Hodong: Is there a best body build that you can acknowledge?
SangChoo: Actually, we call the bodies seen in the photo shoots, baby bodies.
Hodong: You mean, like people who build their bodies in preparation for something like a concert and do a photo shoot for that [pointing to LSG].  You mean those types of baby bodies? [Laughter] Like when people film a CF [Hodong reenacts LSG’s Chung Jung Won CF].
Hodong: [LSG’s Chung Jung Won cf clip is shown]. Seunggi acting with his eyes, isn’t that just too much? [Laughter]. He could just do it simply like this [again, Hodong reenacts the CF].

Hodong: [Lettuce shows LSG’s abs photo; screaming] So what is your assessment?
SangChoo: Initially, quite a bit of touch-ups were done…
LSG: Yes [LSG acknowledges].
SangChoo: And you also did tanning, right?
LSG: Um, not tanning, just painting!
SangChoo: Ah, yes some body painting has been done. But even with all those touch-ups, to have it come out to this degree is still pretty impressive. And also, it’s the type of body that girls really like.

LSG: Thank you. I saw SangChoo’s body photo on the internet, it was really more like an athlete’s body build rather than an entertainer’s body build.

(Eng translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

(cr: newsen)

(cr: reviewstar)

So as not to be left with the crazy Hodong version, check out the full Seunggi version of the Chung Jung Won CF!

3 Responses

  1. i hate Hodong teased about this!!!
    article kept on floading strange yesterday.
    people thought seung gi’s abs was baby..
    but Hodong jokes.. but Lettuce didn’t said about seung gi.
    it was hodong!! gosh. i hate the article!!
    to make romurs.

  2. I don’t know in the show they said “Baby abs” or not but for me it didn’t sound bad or underestimate LSG at all.

    From what I read it said “they’re called ‘baby abs’ because the ladies like them”. I think that the point they try to make.

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