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Famous Princesses to air in Japan next week


Looks like the recent broadcast of Brilliant Legacy on Fuji TV has really peaked more and more interest in Seunggi.  In addition to the ratings success of Brilliant Legacy, his song Will you Marry Me has also became quite popular.  Seems that while many of the Japanese may have been familiar w/ LSG through 1n2d (which seems to enjoy much popularity there), many are starting to discover Seunggi the actor and singer…

Per DClsg, KBS drama Famous Princesses, Seunggi’s first drama from back in 2006, will be broadcast again in Japan starting next week! Not sure when it was first broadcast there. No other details have been posted yet.

I wonder if this re-broadcast has been planned for a while because it seems perfectly timed with Seunggi’s Osaka, Japan fan meeting coming up this weekend. I thought it was weird that it was sponsored by KBS World since at that time it seemed to be timed with BL promotions and broadcast in the Osaka area. Also thought it was strange that the promo only listed his Kdrama Famous Princesses and not SBS Brilliant Legacy. So if it’s true that Famous Princesses is going to be re-broadcast next week then this fan meeting sponsored by KBS will be like a double promo for Brilliant Legacy and Seven Princesses! 

Relive the Seunggi-Shin Ji Soo couple’s best moments below:

LSG-SJS cut (no Eng subs)
(credit: leeseunggiworld)

LSG-SJS cut, Part 1 (Eng subs)
(cr: Airensubs)

LSG-SJS cut, Part 2 (Eng subs)
(cr: Airensubs)

And check out the English translated summary from the recent Strong Heart episode about Seunggi’s reuniting with his onscreen girlfriend/wife Shin Ji Soo.

3 Responses

  1. yeah,what i heard is the this fan meeting is sponsored by kbs.so it is the promo for seven princess and one night two days which is broadcasting in kbs world.

    it is coming soon.
    i wish i could see him again.
    since the last fan meeting which held in tokyo.
    i got high touch with him.it made me so exciting.
    i can not forget his small and handsome face .

    • you went to the tokyo fan meeting?! that’s awesome!!!

      by any chance were you part of the korean group that flew out for that fan meeting? or maybe you live in japan. either way, that’s totally cool! everyone says his face is so small in person! :) :)

  2. i just live in tokyo.
    osaka is so far for me.
    i did not plan to go there to see him.
    but i sincerely hope that he can come to tokyo to hold a solo concert while i am in japan.

    his face is so small that i wonder if it is half of mine.

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