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Amore Pacific Event/Concert, 4.6.10

(cr: DClsg)

Seunggi performed 4 songs at an Amore Pacific event on April 6th at the Olympic Fencing stadum.  It doesn’t seem like the event was publicized and looks like it was a company event; some LSG fans were just finding out about the event on the day of.  But, during one of his ments, Seunggi mentioned that he held his concert last year at the same venue and that it looked just as packed on this day, and that he was surprised at how many people were there since it was a company event…

Not sure about the nature of the event but the entire thing supposedly took place from 11am-5pm and was sponsored by Amore, one of the top cosmetics companies that oversees various top brands.  Unclear on which celebs were there, but fans say actress Kim Tae Hee, a model for Amore, appeared on stage for a bit.
(btw, I just love her; she really is too perfect!)

Too bad Seunggi and Kim Tae Hee didn’t get to meet; well, don’t think they did.  They’re always chosen as the male and female stars for so many of those ridiculous online surveys that Koreans love, like the Top 5 stars best suited for cap and gown survey released around graduation time! 

Here are LSG’s 4 songs (live performances) —

Because You’re my Woman
(cr: tryp96) 

Will you Marry Me
(cr: tryp96)

One More Time
(cr: leeseunggi01)

Let’s Go on Vacation
(cr: leeseunggi01)

And omg, more importantly, I can’t believe his cody/stylist actually did good this time!  Unbelieveable!  She actually dressed him in a fitted suit with a super fashionable skinny black tie, simple black belt, low collared white shirt, and a semi-cropped jacket that works to emphasize his height! 

(photo cr: as labeled; DClsg)

AND on top of that, his hair was styled way better than that earlier ajumma permed mop he debuted at Seoul Fashion Week.  Still think the hair could’ve used a more gell-styled touch to offset the curls, but i’m just so thrilled about cody’s fashion choice that I can’t really complain too much!!!!

Also, photos below indicate that the previous one photo of LSG at Seoul Fashion Week may just have been a bad shot.  His hair doesn’t look as bad and plus, that crazy necklace thing is pretty hidden! :)

(photo cr: Official Airen Fan Cafe; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)

3 Responses

  1. actually,i am so interested in what you said about his cody and hairstyle.
    it also made me crazy always.
    i want to see his clothing which can show he is young and handsome.
    i really like his clothing and hairstyle in the first half of 2008.
    he looked so young and adorable that time.

    see what he dressed in one night two days in 2008.he was so cute.you know and handsome.

    and please do not give him suits in every concert /shows.he has the right to dress more attractive clothing.

    anyway,too many complaints.

    • sorry to edit your comments :) i thought i was harsh on his cody! even though his cody drives me crazy, LSG still always manages to pull it off. plus, his hair looked hot in brilliant legacy! and i think his hair looks great in these pix!

      • heehee! I believe he must has a reason for not changing his cody. I remember during one ep. in SH, Andy of GOD did mention that it was always be the cody that will to pass message to celeb that they are interest in. In some Chinese forum, who really fancy the enghwan couple has been analyzing all this while that both them seems to be always in the matching clothing even though they are not together.

        Sound fishy right? hehe!

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