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Upcoming LSG fan signing events galore

(cr: naverblog; activiablog)

Despite the Edwin fan signing event debacle over the weekend, looks like LSG fans can look forward to some other upcoming fan signing events — thankfully, not associated with a badly organized and unprepared Edwin team… 

Sunkist fan signing —
April 16 (Friday), 3pm @ Emart, Sungsoo

Pyong Chang Su fan signing  —
April 30 (Friday), 3pm @ Hanaro Club Mart, Yangjae

** Sunkist and Pyong Chang Su are both Haitai Beverage products, so it’s interesting that they’re doing two separate fan signing events. 

Kolon Sport fan signing  —
May 4 (Tuesday), 11am @ Kolon Sport Culture Station

Activia Fan Signing —
Currently planning for after June 31 (per Activia Blog)

(credit: DClsg; Official Airen Fan Cafe)

This is great for fans and probably somewhat required as part of his CF contracts.  And I’m sure Hook loves the free sponsorship and not to mention the reputable status of all the CF companies.  But please tell me some forward-thinking person at Hook with some degree of marketing smarts is also keeping close tabs on potential overexposure!!! 

Fans probably can’t get enough, but overall, seeing Seunggi on every other tv commercial, in addition to seeing him twice a week on tv on 1n2d and Strong Heart, and soon a total of 4 times a week once his drama starts… I mean, according to TVcf website, LSG’s currently the #2 model with 21 total ad-related stuff out, only second to #1 Queen Yuna with 28 out!  And there’s still more CFs to come from the current contracts.

It’s a good thing now, so maybe no more new additional CFs for a while? :)

5 Responses

  1. Hoping upcoming fan signing events for Sunkist & Pyong Chang Su would be prepared better than Edwin.

  2. So I am in Korea right now and want to go to the Kolon Sport Fan signing does anyone know how fan signing works? I went the the pyong chang su one and you had to buy the water bottles earlier in the morning and then get tickets so you can get pictures just wondering if this one is the same or if I have to prepare something?

    • omg, you’re in Korea right now??!! :) :)

      the Kolon Sport fan signing is not open to the public. They picked 100 online ids through an event on their website :( But they’re holding the signing at the Culture Station and so you might be able to see seunggi; fan signing’s scheduled to start at 11am on Tues.

      There’s a rock climbing event open to the public going on today in Korea so you should check it out if you have time… you can ask about the signing details when you’re there. and if you tell a Kolon rep that you’re visting from outside of Korea they may let you in??? (never hurts to ask!) :)

      Ask for directions to the Kolon Sport Culture Station… and keep us posted when you’re free or need any info from us! :)

      hope to hear more about the pyong chang su fan signing too…

  3. wow the owner here is such an insider. u can read korean or sth u seem to know everything about lsg (which im kind of jealous) it’s so hard to u know find stuff like these about him since he’s not idol. i wanna try stalk him some time if i go to korea lol

  4. kapan event activia mulai sy pngen ikt tlng kbri y

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