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More fan accounts from Strong Heart filming

(credit: DClsg)

A fan made this cake from scratch and gave it to Seunggi at last week’s 3/25 filming of Strong Heart.  okay, she’s obviously done an amazing job with the cake but I’m a little freaked out by the Seunggi fashion shoot photos hanging on her wall in the kitchen.  It just seems a bit excessive, no?  Again, maybe it’s the Korean-American in me, but the culture of Korean fandom is still takes some getting used to.  Probably a more general Asian fandom thing, like Japan’s obsession with Yonsama Bae Yong Joon…

Loose translations of fan accounts

Fan account from 3/27:

It took me 2 hours to bake the cake.  There hadn’t been a Strong Heart filming for a month (due to the planned 1n2d Antarctica trip, that was later cancelled).  LSG was wearing intersting socks and shoes.  This was my third time going to a SH filming; the other two times, I was able to get presents to LSG by giving them to a SH staff member the first time, and to a SH write the second time.

Like another fan already posted here on DClsg, Seunggi came out after eaing lunch and thanked the person for preparing the lunch.  I stood up to give my cake directly to him but one of the fans stopped me and said that you can’t do that.  I knew that but I really wanted to give it him personally.  I went back to my seat upset.  When LSG came to the audience again to talk later, without thinking I just stood up and gave him the cake and he said thank you and I went back to my seat.  I was really embarrassed because he was taken aback by this.  He thanked me and called his cody over to take the cake since he was already carrying stuff in his hands.  But I’m really glad that I got to give him the cake.

Fan account from 4/1:

Before filming started, LSG asked if the audience had eaten and said if they were enthusiastic during the opening, he would give them a present  later on.  I assumed it would be something like him shaking hands with everyone…

After the opening there was a break, and Seunggi came over to the audience and passed out dried apricots.  He said that he first tried them during last week’s 1n2d Korean Route trip filming and because they were so good, he bought some extra to take home with him.  Everyone was really touched by this.  Today’s filming ended around 11pm.  His hair seemed more calmed down since the GS25 Love Concert.  He was wearing a jean jacket with a t-shirt underneath.  and also a scarf?  And I think white shoes.


I think it’s really great that the fans really care and prepare all these things for him when they go to see him but I wonder if it can seem burdensome for him sometimes.  Also, like how about the stalker-ish fans… scary.  anyway, I’m sure it makes him happy and confident to have fans who care a lot.  And more importantly, so glad to hear that the GS25 Concert’s curly mop of hair has calmed down! :)

3 Responses

  1. awww.. he’s so nice..
    he understand the fans always gave him a presents and he does the same towards the fans.. ^^

    thanks for translating.. ^^*

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the translations of the fan accounts.

    Being popular with the older fans has its advantages. Your post brought me back to the news clip a few months ago of the housewives and their LSGi love. I can’t remember the exact program and date, sorry. Nice to see how much the fans care for him, remember this is a guy who practically grew up on TV so I can see why some fans have regarded him as family.

    I do agree that as much as he appreciate the support and love, he does need some space. The expectations and attention are overwhelming; Seung Gi handles it well under the circumstances.

    Tell me when his photo is your comp wallpaper … kkk.

  3. regarding SGi pic on the fan’s kitchen wall, i think it’s quite common…. just like some fans have posters in their room, putting it on the kitchen wall should be fine too.. Actually i saw a clip on SGi fans posted on youtube some times back and they were showing some ahjumma(the program called them that but i would said it’s noona’s because they are not that old at all…keke) fans at home… she has SGi pic everywhere…. her kids(especially her son) did not understand her obsession with SGi previously, but i think he understand now…..

    as for the fans at SH…i wonder why another fan told the gal who wanted to pass the cake to SGi said she cannot do that? then how about the gal who make lunch for him?

    and poor boy, he has to film until so late?

    and Seung Gi, can you feed me with something as well? i will eat anything you put into my mouth(even food that i do not like to eat)….hahahaha

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