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Until next year, Goodbye 46th Baeksang Awards

With a slew of high-profile kdramas premiering this week, it’s a good time to look forward and say goodbye officially to the 46th Baeksang Awards.  I’m sure LSG will be back next year through his upcoming My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but there’s already strong competition early on from kdramas Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste.  Hope that Seunggi will get the chance to work with Moon Geun Young someday; I know he really wants to.

Anyway, I think this BTS video clip really shows why it’s very hard to dislike Seunggi.  That is, even if you don’t necessarily like him, you don’t dislike him; thus, he has very few antis, comparatively.  He arrived at the Awards right before the 2nd part, and the first thing he did was pay his respects to “sunbae” Go Hyung Jung.

Per earlier post, Go Hyun Jung used to be with Seunggi’s company. And although he acknowledged his fans a bunch of times, he signaled for them to please quiet down.  I think a lot of other celebs would have basked in the fandom and glory but LSG asked fans to be respectful of the others… he’s such a mature guy!  Kudos to Airen fans for showing so much love and support.

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Post-Baeksang, news coverage LSG cuts

(cr: tryp96@dailymotion; DClsg) Thx for the high quality uploads tryp!!

MB¢ morning show

KB$ morning show

SB$ Good Morning show

And lastly, fanmade Baeksang photos video set to LSG’s Like the First Time.
Until next year’s 47th Baeksang Awards…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

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3 Responses

  1. Lots of comments in general in regard to how the underlayingpolitics play in these awards, even with the Baeksang. Seeing Seung Gi sitting front center whereas the Daesang winner, Go Hyung Jung, in second row. Then you have HHJ presenting the last big award, lol??!!!

    For all its worth, LSGi made a beeline toward GHJ, they were in the same company so it’s out of respect on top of knowing her. He appears to be a guy who’s more reserved, more comfortable in a planned structured environment. He was nervous to be at the event, adding to his personalities, make it seems like he is out of place in some photos. Not a big deal to me.

    OK, so how many fans were at the events … The fancams are still kinda unnerving for me. Just something I still haven’t gotten over, the semi-stakerish quality of them.

  2. I Love His Personality …… that’s made fan love her ” good attitude & manner “

  3. For all his fame Seunggi is still young too. Those his age in the business are all either idols or young actors and those who are famous are all established personalities with a lot of years in experience and age.

    Our dearest Seunggi falls between these two categories. He is young and he is very famous with fans ranging from little ones to grandmas.

    I should know cos my 6 yrs grandson knows who he is and my heart smiles whenever I watch him on any of the programs he’s in. We’re not even Koreans and we’re from Malaysia.

    It’s understandable that seunggi looks nervous at these events

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