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LSG fans wait for Gumiho lead actress

(cr: DClsg)

There’s still a lot of anticipation for the the upcoming Hong Sister’s kdrama.  But also a lot of rumors about the casting of the actress, and some miscommunications about production-writer collaborations and broadcast rights.  Seunggi as the male lead has been pretty much the only definitive thing from the start.  So as LSG fans wait in anticipation for things to get finalized, fanmade photoshopped Gumiho posters are surfacing… I kind of like the ghost-like, airy feel; not sure who the girl is.

Fanmade-photoshopped Gumiho poster of LSG and Shin Sae Kyung:

(cr: DClsg)

Highkick through the Roof’s Shin Sae Kyung was last rumored to be the leading candidate, but way early on when Gumiho news was slowly breaking, 2ne1’s Sandara Park rumored to be in consideration. 

(cr: newscj)

Other names floating around have included Han Ye Seul (last seen in SBS Will it Snow on Chrstimas and recently in Rain’s comeback video), and even the super popular Jun Ji Hyun.  The Gumiho character is supposed to be very beautiful. 

Click on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho link under Categories at the top right to read more about the upcoming kdrama.

3 Responses

  1. I like Shin Sae Kyung too, should I try making a poster of her and SG? ^^

  2. im hoping its dara… ^.^

  3. I like SSK and Dara…
    I think both of them can play as gumiho haha..

    Hope HONG SISTERs give us the best drama in this year… With actor and actrees who have a good act and best skill in drama act…

    SSK best act for this…:-)

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