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CF news makes up for SH and 1n2d cancellations

(cr: Kolon Sport)

With Strong Heart and 1n2d both being cancelled this week, looks like LSG news was made up to fans in thh form of Kolon Sport and Activia CF news.  I understand Kolon’s marketing strategy, but they should just put out all the photo shoot shots now instead of streaming like one a day.  They have a few events going on on their website.  Wish they’d open up these event prize giveaways to ppl outside of Korea…

They’re giving away 10 jackets and 30 tshirts in this event.  I could really use a new jacket since my northface has gotten so old…  I’d never heard of Kolon Sport before LSG signed on.  Perhaps there are stores in the US?

(cr: Kolon Sport)

And I really like this new photo… reminds of the 1n2d episode where the guys go hiking/trekking to commemorate the start of Fall.  I though LSG was hilarious during his solo trip the next morning.  And the scenery was so gorgeous during that hike.

(cr: Dclsg)

One Response

  1. Lucky Korea again…..
    Anyway thank you for the pictures….:)

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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