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Brilliant Legacy ends in Japan, TV ratings summary

UPDATED — with 10asia article about high viewership ratings!

(photo credit: Edaily SPN)

On March 30th, Fuji TV aired the final episode of Brilliant Legacy. 

According to Fuji TV, Brilliant Legacy’s 2:00 pm broadcast time slot usually has ratings around 4-5 %.  And it’s been reported that BL was the number one ranked program in its time slot toward during the latter part of the entire broadcast.

3/30 – 8.0%  (Final Ep)
3/29 – 8.0%  (Ep 22)
3/26 – 8.0%  (Ep 21)
3/25 – 8.6%  (Ep 20)
3/24 – 9.7%  (Ep 19)
3/23 – 6.8%  (Ep 18)
3/22 – 5.8%  (Ep 17)
3/19 – 7.0%  (Ep 16)
3/18 – 5.7%  (Ep 15)
3/17 – 6.8%  (Ep 14)
3/16 – 5.7%  (Ep 13)
3/15 – 5.7%  (Ep 12)
3/12 – 5.7%  (Eps 10, 11)
3/11 – 5.4%  (Ep 9)
3/10 – 5.3%  (Ep 8
3/9   – 6.8%  (Ep 7)
3/8   – 5.4%  (Ep 6)
3/5   – 6.0%  (Ep 5)
3/4   – 6.0%  (Ep 4)
3/3   – 4.4%  (Ep 3)
3/2   – 5.3%  (Eps 1, 2)

Credit: DClsg

So I guess the Fuji TV broadcast only targeted the Tokyo area because  according to a DClsg fan living in Japan, BL is set to air in Osaka, Japan starting in April, but it is scheduled for a time slot after midnight.  That seems strange to me, but supposedly it’s common to have dramas air at those late times too.  Not sure about the details regarding what channel and whether it will be a regular channel or cable.  I think I read that it’s going to be shown more on a weekly type of basis versus daily like they did with Fuji TV.  Some fans felt the ratings could’ve been even higher if the episodes weren’t so crammed and spread out to 2 eps a week. 

I posted earlier about Seunggi’s Osaka Japan Fan Meeting on April 11th, and so it seems that it may have a dual purpose and also help to promote Brilliant Legacy.  However, the Osaka Fan meeting (which is sold out) is being sponsored by KBS and interestingly in the bio section of the announcement, I think it only mentioned his KBS shows, drama Infamous Princesses and variety 1n2d.  I’m sure fans and the press will want to ask about Brilliant Legacy as well though.  So it looks like this is not the end of BL in Japan!  This is great news for Seunggi, allowing more Japanese people to get to know him. 

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Congrats to Brilliant Legacy for a super successful Fuji TV broadcast!!!!!


From 10asia
(Thx for the tip Penny!)

“Shining Inheritance” ends run in Japan with flying colors

Korean hit drama “Shining Inheritance,” starring top actors Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-gi, saw a successful end to its run in Japan this week, according Han’s agency BH Entertainment on Thursday.

“‘Shining Inheritance’ scored the highest viewership ratings ever recorded in its time slot in the past ten years,” a representative from Japan’s Fuji TV explained.

The show’s ratings, which took off at 5.3 percent on March 2, constantly increased to peak at 9.7 percent on its 19th episode. The show bowed out with ratings of 8.0 percent.

“Inheritance” was first broadcast in Korea during the first half of 2009, quickly becoming the most-watched TV show in the country with its viewership ratings reaching 46 percent.

The drama has been sold to several other countries throughout Asia including Taiwan where it has seen high ratings as well.

The hit series took home eight awards at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards including the prize for best couple, top female actress and three Top Ten Star awards.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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