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Pyeongchang Su fan signing, fancams and photos

Press photos from earlier entry showed a overly-white-powdered looking Seunggi, but the fan photos and fancams caught LSG in a more natural light (including some photoshop fun!)… much better either way!  And note to Makeup Artist- don’t make fans add you to the frustrated-because-Seunggi-deserves-better-list already including Cody/Stylist and Hook Management! :)

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Pyeongchang Su fan signing, press photos

Notorious for religiously buying LSG-endorsed stuff, fans stocked up on Pyeongchang Su water bottles.  The fan signing was on Friday at 3pm… looks like Haitai Beverage company was targeting the highly coveted money-spending Oprah demographic of housewives and moms!  Obviously not teens, college students, or young working professionals!  BNTnews got the press pass for event photos.

More importantly, what is the deal with LSG’s makeup artist? Usually the cody is the one driving me crazy, but how could the makeup artist commit the cardinal sin of powdering the face without blending/powdering into the neck?  And what’s up with making LSG’s face so ghastly white?  His face and neck are like two different colors!

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Ukiss DongHo impersonates SeungGi in noodle CF

Looks like LSG’s CF contract with Dongji noodles really is no more…  This very similar looking CF started airing yesterday.  Like the whole set, concept, and slurping were practically identical to LSG’s CFs…

(cr: kissmeukiss)

DongHo is very cute but he could learn a few things about expressive slurping by reviewing some of Seunggi’s older CFs!  :) Gagwoman Park Misun doesn’t seem very natural; the mother-son relationship of LSG and top actress mom is hard to beat.  Compare to LSG’s June 2009 CF…

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SeungGi’s CF partner as Gumiho girlfriend?

Highly doubt it!  I don’t know when Lee Min Jung all of a sudden came into this entire drama around LSG’s potential Gumiho girlfriend, but as posted in earlier Gumiho news, an SBS producer said that LMJ along with Shin Se Kyung and Jeon Ji Hyun are being considered for the role.  LMJ has been highly sought after since Boys over Flowers and then the recent Smile You.  She’s also become a CF queen and is considered a good actress, but…

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LSG’s Pizza Hut love will make you order pizza

Another day of Seunggi CF related stuff!  Recent BTS photos from LSG’s latest Pizza Hut CF got a lot of netizen love, pointing out the 5 varying charms of Lee Seung Gi, and today, Pizza Hut launched “the Special” part of their website today to lure LSG fans with a bunch of accessories

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Exclusive BTS photos from Zipel CF shoot

With recent news that 3,500 SeungGi-endorsed Zipel fridges sold in one month, LSG’s Samsung Zipel CF and marketing are still getting a lot of attention and love.  Hankook Ilbo got some exclusive Behind-the-Scenes photos from the CF shoot and released them today.  Didn’t know LSG was really into photography, although we knew about his fine taste in Leica cameras

Which celebs would be really good to their parents?

My ongoing love-hate with these online polls and surveys that Korea just can’t seem to get enough of is still alive and well, which is why I haven’t posted news about these things even though Seunggi typically tops a lot of the surveys. 

Also, I’m not too hot about all this unnecessary LSG overexposure coming from some online survey results, and also find it sooooo annoying that the surveys are totally unscientific (which I’ve written about before) and yet taken as fact.

HOWEVER, had to post the results of this survey because with all the recent Gumiho rumors and news, it got me excited about the possibility of seeing Seung Gi acting alongside Moon Geun Young some day soon…

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