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Seunggi’s new CF as Honorary Ambassador

(photo cr: SBS)

Am I the only that sees politician Lee Seung Gi in the future? :)

So this news tidbit didn’t get like any press today in Korea; but, I mean how many Seunggi-related top news items can hit the news outlets in one day without making people feel lousy for not being as diligent?!  The news about his donation to the KBS program and news about Seunggi’s Samsung Zipel rehearsal website were both all over the internet today.

Thought Seunggi was going to be at the donation announcement today, but since there’s been no news on that, this item should be a good fit with the news posted earlier about his donation.  It’s another endorsement deal but a bit different than his usual CFs…

According to Yonhap News, Seunggi was nominated to be the Honorary Ambassador for the Lotto.  On March 30th, the Korean Government’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance Lotto Commission announced that Seunggi would be serving as this year’s Honorary Ambassador.  Actress Park Bo Young had served in this role last year.

And a representative with the Commssion said that out of  the many public faces they had considered, he understood that Seunggi, who has a very good  public image, had been chosen, and that this will be a good fit with the image they want to portray about the Lotto’s contribution to the community.

The Honorary Ambassdor participates in public announcement commercials to promote the lotto and its volunteer and charity activities.  They said that Seunggi was chosen becase of his bright and clean image that appeals not only to the younger set but also to older people as well.

Congrats Seunggi!  They couldn’t have picked a better person for this!  I can totally see a future politician Seunggi in the making already!

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