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Watch Baeksang Awards before it gets deleted

Someone has uploaded the entire award show on youtube. 
See it before it gets deleted.

Catch glimpes of Seunggi nominations and Airen fans screaming in Parts 2 (New Male Actor) and 4 (Variety MC).  And the winners apologizing to LSG fans! :) 

The second section of the awards show starts with Part 7 and you’ll see Seunggi’s arrived and sitting up front next to HyoJoo as SNSD opens with their performance. 

Here’s Part 2. See the rest at the indicated YT channel.

(cr: MCkpopTV)

5 Responses

  1. it’s my first time seeing LMH and Yoona, they look together too!

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    Just wondering what was MC said to LSG (Part 7) after SNSD performance? :)

  3. Chang Lo very fun.

  4. yoona looks like a barbie doll. she’s really cute

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