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Seoul Fashion Week, why Cody why?

Spring 2010                                                  Spring 2009

okay, I am now fully convinced that cody is seriously purposely trying to drive me crazy!  Why why why?  Why does she continue to do this to Seunggi?  He deserves better! It makes me totally long for the Strong Heart outfits that I used to complain about…

First, what is up with the hair?  I wasn’t too into his new hairstyle at the Baeksang but after seeing the video clips, I realized it looked pretty good and stylish.  How do you go from that to this in less than 24 hours?  And what is that thing she put around his neck?  and the format tux jacket that again looks way too big like usual?  is it so hard to put him in a fitted jacket and pants!  omigosh,  is it just me?  I am very close to writing her a personal letter…

Perhaps other photos will surface showing the outfit and hair in a better light but until then I am fully convinced that Cody operates in her own clueless strange fashion world…  I really tried not to overreact but Cody has pushed me over the edge.  I’ll even choose these baggier looks below over the whole getup from today.

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

13 Responses

  1. Isn’t his cody a male? or not.. I don’t know but……………
    I understand your frustration…. b/c i don’t like what Cody is doing to Seunggi!!!
    I feel the same about Cody’s fashion and if you know how to write a personal letter to Cody than pls tell me…

    • I’m pretty sure seunggi’s cody is female. and yes, if i decide to write a personal letter in the future, i will post here and ask everyone to contribute! :)

      i even prefer his suited up, over-dressed look to the right (at least, I think that was for a formal wear fashion show).

      to be fair, a lot of kpop fans in general accuse celeb codys to be antis b/c of the unfavorable outfits! :) I think the hair is what’s getting to me the most this time, esp within a 24 hr period!!!!

  2. We all know his cody always mess up. This day I try not to expect too much from her.
    She just did this on propose. Why? Well I can think of 2 things ( in really positive way)
    First she didn’t want to make him look too perfect, she might think, lack of some thing might be better. What?
    Second she want us to talk about her and it worked we always talk about her, actually complain.

    That is my thought…..haha :)

  3. maybe the cody is testing her own ‘taste’ and using our SGi as the scapegoat…. or maybe she wants people to take note of her, so must do something to raise viewers’ attention…… :(

  4. oh my god,i didnt realise how terrible his outfit was until the comparison tht you made from last year and the year before….
    @@…what’s wrong with the cody…..

    count me in if you are writing the letter ^^

  5. Oh lol. Seung Gi’s stylist is so consistent. She really tries too hard.

    For all it’s worth, he wears sponsored-clothing; a lot of times the sizes are off. Tailoring is so important, it’s his stylist’s job to get the size right if they can’t alter the clothes. I just hope he gets paid well to look like this.

    Last year photos weren’t any better.

  6. Yeah….. first I shock when saw her hair style on baeksang award that’s ridiculous ,, but he is our heodang he is stil gourgeous <3 …. masage for cody, I hope she/he choose the better for our heodang " this suggestion progress for his career.

  7. You guy might want to read this

    She/he have some thing to say about ” top of Lee Seunggi’s head”
    haha :)

  8. after I saw the seunggi’s outfit at the KBS song festifval last year (when he sang with other 1night 2 days team members-sugun,jiwon,mong), I gave up. what was his cody thinking???

  9. although i think it’s kinda improper, maybe we can tweet kimc about seung gi’s disatrous outfit so that he can forward it to him, lol. what do you guys think? kkk

  10. by the way, that last picture of lee seung gi, the one with the hat, he was in fact acknowledged by fashion critic as the male best dressed during that event.

  11. why baby why? why cody you always do that to our boy! If that plan of yours (send letter to cody) will pushed tru, i will definitely tell her how much grudge i had to her. im disappointed with what she’s been doing to Seunggi for a long time. That messed up he she had caused..grrrr…..

  12. OMG jkimj can i posted this in 1n2dforum? I love love this topic…hehe…If i got the power to fire the cody…I will!!!hehe

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