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Seunggi proposes again via Activia yogurt CF

The Activia CF is out and per the comments here… Look out for the yogurt wars among LSG and his girls (Han Hyo Joo for Yoplait and Kim Yuna for Maeil)! :)

(cr: piaoyachun1030) 

(cr: SeungGi Love Sunhee Love cafe; DClsg)

Per earlier post about LSG’s rumored Activia CF, the official Activia blog posted its first entry on March 22nd stating that they were planning a special “propose” on April 14th with Seunggi (not sure if it’s an actual event that he’ll be at or a typical CF online event thing).  The 30 second CF is already up on their blog, but you may have to be registered to view it?  So we’ll have to wait to see it on air.  But the print ads began running in magazines…

Activia ad line below:
Also thoughtful of his heart, deep hearted Lee Seung Gi (awwww!) :)

(cr: SeungGi Love Sunhee Love cafe; DClsg)

Activia is owned by Danone, which also oversees Evian and Volvic waters.  Don’t know why it’s spelled that way instead of like Dannon in the States.  Anyway, I guess LSG endorsing Haitai’s Pyong Chang Soo water did not conflict with their other Evian/Volvic products.  Per the blog, it looks like Activia is the #1 yogurt in Korea – I think a lot of it has to do with it having certain ingredients specifically good for your health.  My mom likes this yogurt the most!

But it looks like our fave Brilliant Legacy Hwan-Sung couple may become ad rivals.  While LSG and HHJ both endorse Samsung, in the yougurt wars, HHJ is endorsing Yoplait while LSG does Activia!  Sorry HHJ, I have to go with Seunggi  But who can’t love HHJ dancing with the kids in her CF… too cute!

(cr: bashfulxharmony)

6 Responses

  1. Hi,everybody^^ **
    Always thank you for doing information about Seung Gi..
    Let’s assist Seung Gi in the future and continue.

    Love SeungGi and his fan so much^^~~!

  2. speaking of cf rivalry on yogurt, here is an additional one by kim yuna.

  3. Thanks for the update!

    I think LSG will still have the the upper hand as the brand he carry is NO.1 in Korea.

  4. last year, kim hyun joong and kim yuna were both voted #1 as the most marketable cf models. but this year, i believe it will be lee seung gi and kim yuna.

  5. thanks for the update!

    I love your blog..

  6. Love both of them.. Seung gi and hyo joo is the best couple..
    Really want to know if their still contact each other’s..its same mean that seung gi have a hyojoo phone num and hyo joo have a seung gi phone num ..hahaha

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