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SeungGi on 1n2d (3/28): Viewers Trip Pilots underwear gift!

(photo credit: DClsg)

What were the hyungs teasing Seunggi about?

DClsg links to some very very brief video clips:

At the end of today’s episode, they showed footage from the previous 1n2d segment where all the guys get to sleep indoors after a pingpong rematch in which Jiwon and Mong end up having to shave their heads. Anyway, the Judo girls from the first Viewers trip left a gift with Hodong during that filming, and the Pilot Guys from the second viewers trip stopped by KBS to ask that a gift be given to Seunggi. So the PDs give the two their gifts. Hodong gets shoes for his son Dusan, and Seunggi gets something to remind him of his tiger (zodiac) sign… ha ha ha.

Hyungs make Seunggi model his gift from the Pilot guys
Mong:  Why are you wearing those?
LSG:  Because I’m cold! Thanks so much guys [directed to the Pilots].
Jiwon: That way, you can wear the underwear for over a year!

OMG, the Pilot guys are hilarious!!!!  they must’ve laughed so hard at this ep!

(photo credit: TV daily)

Seunggi slipping and falling while trying to kick the ball
Hodong:  Young Master, are you okay?
LSG:  [embarrassingly] Can you just please pass by like nothing happened? :)

Seunggi even plays kick-volleyball with style

And previewing next week’s trip 3 night 4 days trip across Korea’s route:
And in typical fashion, Hodong smooshing Seunggi

(photo credit: DClsg)

And because everyone always loves to see Seunggi and Mong together!
LSG was so amazed by Mong’s cooking and Mong felt so proud showing off! :)

(photo credit: DClsg)

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2 Responses

  1. Ha ha ha …….. it’s funny look her wearing that’s underwear : )

  2. Hodong: Young Master, are you okay?
    LSG: [embarrassingly] Can you just please pass by like nothing happened?

    Thanks Ann, I was wondering what transpired when I saw that part and here you are, giving me the answer. Everyone seem so concern when Seung Gi fell.

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