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Fans say goodbye to Max Beer and hello to Perioe

Seunggi is no longer endorsing Max Beer (I don’t think CF partner Kim Sun Ah is anymore either).  Supposedly it was a really high quality, natural beer and popular in Korea.  The new model for Max Beer is Won Bin, one of my first real K-crushes!  Not bad for Seunggi to be followed up by Won Bin!  Max Beer went from Jang Dong Geun to Seunggi to Won Bin; not too bad, eh?   I don’t anticipate LSG taking on any beer cfs anytime soon; doesn’t really fit him…

In memorium of LSG and KSA’s CF together, I just had to include this clip of Kim Sun Ah’s recent Japan fan meeting in January.  She looks amazing!  I so loved her in Kim Sam Soon!  Was hoping she could convince Seunggi to go on her best friend, Kim Jung Eun’s, SBS Chocolate… wishful thinking.

(cr: behang)

Anyway, so it’s goodbye Max and hello Perioe.  The Perioe website is now updated with various LSG holding toothbrush and toothpaste in hand pix!  Doesn’t seem like any actual TV cfs will be filmed until 3 months later.  Probably a good thing… I mean is there a limit on how many tv cfs by one person is allowed to be shown in one period???  and at that, all top brands!  btw, not feeling the hairstyle in the Perioe or Activia ads, nor the return of cody’s nonsensical brooch choices!

Please cody/stylist, you’re driving me crazy?  Why why why?????  to be fair, many Kpoper codys seem to be having a love affair with mismatched brooches and unappealing outfits!

Sometime early on, in addition to this blog being about my love/hate feelings towards Seunggi’s cody and of course keeping tabs on LSG news, this somehow also became a marketing and advertising commentary blog.   Thank you Seunggi for working so hard and not being lazy and giving fans so much material to work with!

(credit: Reviewstar, Yonhap, Perioe)

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  1. [quote]I mean is there a limit on how many tv cfs by one person is allowed to be shown in one period???[/quote]

    Ann, that is funny! Sometimes I do worry if SeungGi is getting over-exposed with all those CFs… But I personally will never complain about seeing SeungGi too often! ^^

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