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Seunggi & Jessica scarf kiss, SH Photo Diary

Awwww.  High quality pix of this non-scarf kiss scene up on Strong Heart Photo Diary.  I think it’s hilarious that the SH staff actually photoshopped in those animated pink cheeks on Seunggi!  so cute!  And Jessica looks cute too.  Seeing her on other variety shows, something about her just didn’t connect with me.  But she’s been on SH two times and each time I’ve liked her more.  But what’s up with not painting the 4th nail and doing a french mancure on it?

Comedian Jung Juri’s look in the background is priceless!  She totally cracks me up everytime!  Jessica looks surprsingly pretty relaxed here.  Never thought of her as an actor, but I guess doing the musical Legally Blonde was good training.

ha ha ha ha ha.  Too funny.  They both look sooooo embarrassed!

See the rest of the photos from this Strong Heart scene.  And check out the Strong Heart Photo Diary in the Links section to the left to see other guests.

And to read previous blog posts about the infamous Seunggi-Jessica scarf kiss, click HERE and HERE.

4 Responses

  1. I agree they both look so embarrassed! and cute.
    I smile :) when I looked at them

  2. they are good couple

  3. lee seung gi have cute smile

  4. i love her both..

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