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Lee Seung Gi donates 1억 (updated)

(Photos from Seunggi’s volunteer activities with Samsung, associated with December 2009 Hope Concert in Seoul, where part of the ticket sales were donated to charity).  It was revealed today that Seunggi donated 1억 (about $90,000 USD) to the KBS welfare foundation.  Seunggi donated the money specifically to be used for the KBS program, Dong Heng.  The money was donated under the name “Together with Lee Seung Gi” and the money will be used to provide direct allowances to the the needy each week.

PD Kim from the KBS program said “Lee Seung Gi had shown interest in our program a while back and in his spare time sought us out and sponsored this.  He also personally went out to meet the particpants and shared a heartwarming message which gave a lot of strength to the participants.”

Seunggi’s statement:

“I ended up learning a lot by seeing the participants’ love among their family members.  I wanted to give them a present of hope to them.  It may not be sufficient, but I hope that my small support and donation would be of support to them.”

When asked about his name being attached to this, Seunggi said:

“In order to be responsibility-minded and have a heart of continuously putting into practice these things, I attached my name to this.  And like the meaning of the name, I want to be able to help and accompany others by sharing.”

He added that he would like to participate in other sharing events.  How can you not like this guy even more???!!

Via Star News, Nocut News; Images: DCLSG)

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7 Responses

  1. Actually if LSG donated 1 billion KRW (ie 1,000 million) it will be equivalent to 879,000 USD. Is it true that he donated 1 billion won?

    • He donated 1억= 100 million KRW, which I believe is equivalent to a little over $87,000.

  2. I love LSG for being such a generous person!!

  3. that’s make me more and more in lovet with u..
    keep being a good boy..
    n have a true heart..

  4. He is really..really a good boy…

  5. You are right “how can you not like this guy even more”
    There’s need no word to say about him,
    you just feel it with you heart………..:)

  6. Speaking of the show, the needy people themselves are the main participants on the show. I cried many times watching this show and learnt that I am living a happy life.

    It’s really great to see Seunggi participates to help those people on the show. Seunggi is very mature and humble guy.

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