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46th Baeksang Awards – Fan photos/caputures

Some fan pix and captures from the Awards show…

Seunggi and Hyo Joo hanging out…

Seunggi and Yoona receiving the Baeksang Popularity Award

(cr: As labeled; Dclsg)

And Seunggi with his actor peers

(cr: letcube@SNSD soompi; alonealone@soompi)

Kim Nam Joo (in the green dress) — her speech was really touching b/c she said she had debuted as n actress like 15 yrs ago and this was her first time attending the Baeksang Awards.  Wow!  and we were lamenting Seunggi’s loss with his first nomination!  She’s also the wife of Kim Seung Woo, actor from Iris and also the MC for the new KBS show Win Win, in the same time slot as Strong Heart.  She was the first guest for his show and the ratings weren’t that high and have gone even lower since. Anyway, feel kind of bad for her and Kim Seung Woo b/c they seem like such a sweet couple and Win Win’s ratings are so low.

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  1. like Han Hyo Joo’s dress. she’s pretty and her dress was design by Victoria Beckham’s…Han Hyo Joo..is an elegance girl…and happy that she seat near seung gi,..
    and she’s also like seung gy type girl right ??… so nice to see both of them together…^^

    and when HHJ red carpets, i saw Lee Seung-Gi posters and airen too.
    airen luph seungjoo couple…hope it will be reality love story…hahahahahaha

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