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46th Baeksang Awards- Wrap Up (updated)

Getting the thumbs up from Daesang winner, Queen Sundeok’s Go Hyun Jung, and a big smile from fellow nominee and winner of the new actor award, Kim Nam Gil.  Aw, Seunggi looks so happy!  Like Seunggi said, I think Kim Nam Gil deserved the award and that even as an LSG fan, I’m sort of glad that he didn’t get the award.  Too much all at once and it’s better to take things slowly, especially with his career and popularity skyrocketing over the past year.  But there has been some gumbling… more about that later.

As mentioned before, LSG and Go Hyun Jung go back a few years to when she used to be with Hook Entertainment (Seunggi’s current company).  Thus explaining Suenggi’s 90 degree bow to her above!  ha ha ha.

Also more BTS photos of LSG greeting Go Hyung Jung and Kim Nam Gil. Look at him giving Kim Nam Gil a warm handshake…

(cr: DCkng; DClsg)

And some older photos of LSG and GHJ.  No wonder GHJ was so happy to see Seunggi; it had probably been a while.  Her story is kind of sad so i’m really glad for her this year.  She’s a former Ms. Korea who married a chaebol’s son and had a child and then got divorced soon after.  And his family got the rights to the kid and she has never gotten to see her kid since.  She was also in one of the most highly rated kdramas (60%?) called Moh-leh-shi-geh.

Back to the Awards ceremony — below, the two drama couples from Queen Sundeok and Brilliant Legacy enjoy the live SNSD performance.  Notice how giggly and excited the two guys look?  Compare that to the expressions on the faces of the two actresses… priceless!!!!  Seunggi is having way too much fun!!!!

(credit: Newsen)

Aw, and the lovely HwanSung couple!  They look so cute together there in the front row.  Gosh, Hyo Joo was looking amazing at the awards!  loved her dress!  And of course Seunggi can’t go anywhere without his water, and at that his endorsed Pyong Chang Su water with his face on it!!!!

Also it must have been a little awkward to be sitting right next to the MBC sitcom Highkick through the Roof team, particularly Shin Sae Kyung, who was last rumored to be one of the leading candidates for the female part in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Wonder if he said anything to her.

Also just to wrap up some stuff that’s been surfacing about the Baeksang Awards.  Some of the new outlets noted that KBS and MBC each received a number of awards while SBS was pretty much shut out.  And that LSG should of had a good shot at winning the New Male Actor award and that Kim Nam Gil shouldn’t have necessarily been put in that category, and that Lee Min Jung from kdrama Smile You (also LSG’s Kolon Sport cf partner) seemed to have been overlooked.

Similar thoughts are noted in Dramabeans Baeksang wrapup (thx Yon for the tip).  And there has been some degree of grumbling on fan msg boards.

I think part of the problem is the award name – New Male Actor.  For example, ppl pointed out that Kim Nam Gil has already been in quite a few dramas and films prior to his role in Queen SunDeok.  You could say the same for LSG, but he had only been in Seven Princesses prior to his BL role. So maybe this award should be renamed New Male Lead Actor — this way, there’s no confusion, and it designates that a person is being rewarded for playing the lead role for the first time versus that of a supporting role.

Either way, I was expecting the Baeksang to be a bit less political than the individual SBS, MBC, KBS Drama awards where it seems that the winnners and losers seem to know the results ahead of time, that is, based on seeing that only the winners for the most part seem to show up for the award ceremonies!  And Baeksang wasn’t that different in that way.  Only the winners and nominees who were presenters seemed to have shown up.

I mean is it so shameful and embarrassing to come to awards ceremony as a nominee and not win an award?  Since the Baeksang is probably the most prestigious annual TV/film awards ceremony in korea, is it too much to ask that they run it more like the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards here in the States?  Def these two awards shows here have their share of crazy politics but at least all the nominees show up!  For future Baeksang Awards, for the fans, wouldn’t it be great to have all those star celeb nominees at one show together?  probably won’t happen though :(

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22 Responses

  1. CoNgRaTuLaTiOn to LSGi!

  2. Love HwanSung couple ! They look great together. Congratulation to LSGi !!!

  3. actually not too sure what is the criteria for nomination in best newcomer award…

    dramabeans was writting the review of the award ceremony and mentioned that Kim Nan Gil has acted in about 5 dramas and 7 movies as supporting cast….so they don’t understand how could he be nominated and win when he has more experiences in acting than the rest of the newcomers…(nothing against him, i quite like KNG in some dramas that i have watched.

  4. yon, me too… I don’t understand what is the criteria for nomination in best newcomer award…

    Seunggi, in his first drama as a main character, the drama had 47.1% rating at the end…and KNG has 7~11yrs of experience in acting as a supporting cast.(nothing against him,, I thought KNG should be in the nomination in best actor w/ Yoon Sang Hyun since he also was the supporting actor) I am getting so confused about what actually is the meaning of best newcomer award..

    There was an article saying that only SBS didn’t receive any award at Baeksang, accept LSG winning popular award given by fans. Maybe SBS did sth to upset those judges or sth.. Not sure though…

  5. it’s nice to know that lsgi is close to go hyun joong. A lot of people are at first intimidated by her because of her aura, acting and beauty. well, not everybody can be like lee seung gi who is close to celebrities who are somewhat intimidating to the others because of their authority in the business such as kang hodong, yu jaesuk, kim jongkook and go hyun joong.

  6. where can I find a database of The Baeksang Awards?because for So Ji Sub the things are more twisted than for Kim Nam Gil

    # The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor for “Rough Cut” (2009)
    # 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor for “Rough Cut” (2008)
    # 41st Baeksang Awards: Best Actor for Sorry I Love You (2005)

    he won new actor after he won best actor?what is going on?
    I’m curious to see if that happened to someonelse…

    And Kim Nam GIl’s role as Bidam wasn’t the lead.The lead was Uhm Tae Woong, but KNG just stole the show.
    On the other hand neither MiShil was the lead…she was just supporting actress…and she did a great job with her role
    As I see in Korea to be a nominee isn’t a big deal…I’m a little bit disappointed with that…I would love to see lots of dresses and tuxedos…and lots and lots of kstars…it would be nice that Baeksang to have the same grandeur as Oscar or Grammy have..but welll is their choice.

    On KNG matter..they sure wanted to give hm an award..but Best actor seemed a little bit too much in their eyes…so Best new actor was a politically corect choice

    And the Baeksang promo just say…we want to bring them on public attention….So public attention is already focused on LSG…maybe they thinked he doesn’t need more attention(wishfull thinking)

  7. yeah, def get the sense that they wanted to give Kim Nam Gil an award b/c his role was pretty unforgettable. but against Lee Byung Hyun, he would’ve lost.

    You guys are right! KNG wasn’t the lead and neither was Mishil except they both stole the show. Same with Yoon Sang Yoon from MBC Queen of the Housewives. Oh Ji Ho was the main lead but YSY’s character stole the show making him a star. so why was YSY nominated with Lee Byung Hyun but not KNG — very good point!!!

    well, even if the categorizing of the nominees were wrong, if you put that aside and put LSG against KNG, I think it made sense to give it to KNG. If LSG had gotten it, I think there would’ve been a bigger uproar b/c ppl wouldn’t be thinking about the category, they would just be thinking of the actors and the roles.

    Next year Seunggi, whether you win or not, you will def be back at the Baeksang Awards!

  8. leona, you can still be nominated in Movie section for best new actor if that is your first movie……. that’s why So Ji Sub gets it.

  9. thank you yon for your explanations, but what I asked for was a database with the nominees and winners of Newcomer Award… just to understand the purpose of this prize,because its pretty hard to find infos in english

    on the other hand before A movie is a movie SJS starred in:

    A Destiny (2007)
    Can’t Live without Robbery (Movie – 2002)
    Green Fish (Movie – 1997)

    source hancinema and d-addicts

    Kim Nam GIl was the second lead only in When the spring comes…and as we know in Korea lawyers/doctors dramas aren’t a big hit
    and in Goodbye solo he was the 6th or 7th char in the drama even he was the ex of the female lead(and that was a character drama driven) …
    In Lovers look to me as an extra with only 3 memorable scenes(he was HILARIOUS in all 3)
    Several question was a TV movie with 2 parts..so its doesn’t qualify as a drama or movie
    ermm he is on the board of a few dramas….but with extremely small roles..not even supporting….while as a movie actor he really sold the tickets (Miindo 3 weeks in a row first in box office.No regrets at Berlin festival with the tickets sold out…etc)

    errrm I didn’t heard(noticed) about SJS until baeksang….shame on me because I’m a movie addict…I eat movies and dramas for breakfast

    I’m not really happy either with the Newcomer award but well Oscars do have Best supporting Actor/Actress…all I want is to understand the way Baeksang was made this year…or maybe I should move on…

    PS don’t forget me with the database plsplspls

    • Here’s the winners page on the Baeksang website. you can also find the site in the Links column to the left.


      on the site, there’s a dropdown box to the left and you can see all the winners going back to the first year they held them. the TV winners are in the 1st column and the movie winners are in the right column. you’ll have to make out the category translations somehow if you can’t read korean.

      it doesn’t look like they have an icon option to view a list of nominees each year.

      prob moving on is your best bet — awards ceremonies in general are very political and often don’t make much sense. :)

  10. LSGfan.wordpress.com with “awards ceremonies in general are very political and often don’t make much sense” you are right in my country is the same in almost all the competitions/ festivals, even this year Oscar didn’t make much sense to me… Colin Firth should be a winner..but Jeff Bridges gone home with the prize(JB is very well seen at Hollywood. and Colin Firth is british..so hardy he will have a fanbase at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

  11. like Han Hyo Joo’s dress. she’s pretty and her dress was design by Victoria Beckham’s…Han Hyo Joo..is an elegance girl…and happy that she seat near seung gi,..
    and she’s also like seung gy type girl right ??… so nice to see both of them together…^^

    and when HHJ red carpets, i saw Lee Seung-Gi posters and airen too.
    airen luph seungjoo couple…hope it will be reality love story…hahahahahaha

  12. Back to the Awards ceremony — below, the two drama couples from Queen Sundeok and Brilliant Legacy enjoy the live SNSD performance. Notice how giggly and excited the two guys look? Compare that to the expressions on the faces of the two actresses… priceless!!!! Seunggi is having way too much fun!!!!

    i dont think so..
    seung gi and hyo joo smile isn’t bcouse their watch snsd perform..
    it’s bcoz the mc “nudge” seung gi
    and..when snsd perform, seung gi not yet come ..LOL…

    • seunggi got there a few minutes before part 2 started. but yeah, he was laughing b/c MC Lee joked that Seunggi was really enjoying himself — i guess, the main point i was trying to make, that lsg was having a great time watching the SNSD performance :)

      • it’s very obvious that he enjoyed it, in fact all the guys in there did. May i know what the mc told him, it was like, “lee seung gi-ssi kronikka wasseoseoyo, kronikka wasseoseoyo?” does that mean = “so is that why you came, lee seung gi?”

  13. ooh..ic…yeah what the mc told to seung gi,
    and why hyo joo smile too..
    really i wanna know…
    if the mean like zara said, “is that why you came, lee seung gi ssi? ”
    so, i think i saw seung gi to dhrill through for a moment to hyo joo hahahahahahha

    thx chingu…


  14. Yeah I agree the Baeksang’s would be a lot better if they were more Emmy or Golden Globes-esq, look at the drama’s individually and you only have a the nominated cast members and those not nominated don’t even bother to show up. I thought the awards show looked kind of lonely and some of the screenshots show empty seats so maybe the peiple seated were backstage or somthing but still. It would be nice to see lots of actors and actresses at the awards and also I thought I was the only one to notice how SBS’s only got one awards while MBC got the most.

  15. SBS is going to totally rock the Baeksang Awards next year! there’s been a lot of buzz that all the big stars are on SBS this year, many making big comebacks….

    SeungGi and MinAh – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.
    Go HyunJung and Kwon SangWoo – Daemul
    Jang Hyuk and Ha JiWon – Secret Garden
    Jung Woosung, Cha SeungWoo, SuAe – Athena (Iris2)
    Kim Jung Eun – I am Legend
    Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In – Bad Guy
    Hwang Jung Eom and others – Giant (period drama)

  16. love to read all of your comments..i watch this awards too, but i had a insufficient knowledge about the rules on this awards. but it’s fine with me that Seung Gi didn’t get the award for Newcomer actor i beleive that it will make a big fuss is he won it.Nwy, i just love seeing once again how nice & respectful Seung Gi is.. Really such a nation brother.. Love to see my Hwansung couple

  17. It does seem like SBS does have more star power but MBC and KBS have been doing pretty good, look at Dong Yi, Pasta, Cinderella’s Sister, Baker King, Chuno they’ve all had pretty solid ratings ranging from 18-40 so that alone will garner them some nominations. Then there’s also Personal Taste, Commrades, and Great Merchant Kim Man Deok.

  18. that would be good if someday Go Hyun Jung and SeungGi will play a drama/film together. Go Hyun Jung is such a great actress. Lee Seung Gi will get a lot of acting lesson from her.

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