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More fan accounts from Strong Heart filming (3/25)

(credit: DClsg) 

Because I know you guys love these!  More fan accounts from the recent Strong Heart recording…

Fan account posted on a Japanese blog; translated into Korean on DClsg:

I went to the SH recording today.  They filmed for about 11 hours today.  Before the filming started, everyone congratulated Seunggi about the news that Brilliant Legacy in Japan had recorded close to 10% ratings.  You could tell the Strong Heart PD really cares for Seunggi.  (Per earlier post, we know how much PD Park hearts Seunggi!)  It seemed like Seunggi was in a good mood.  He was dressed in Edwin clothes.  Hodong really is the best MC and such a good partner for Seunggi.

Fan account of giving Seunggi a meal that she prepared:

Since I was going to the SH recording, I wanted to do something for Seunggi so based on a friend’s suggestion, I decided to prepare a meal for Seunggi to eat during the SH recording.  I was so excited, I bought groceries on Tuesday and then got up early on Thursday and made a bunch of side dishes and soup from scratch.  I also prepared a meal for Hodong as well.  On the set of the recording, I asked the one of the SH staff if they could give the prepared meals to Seunggi and Hodong.

During the break, when LSG was talking with audience members, I asked him if had eaten yet.  He said no, but that he will and thanked me for preparing the meal.  After the break, when he came out, he totally made eye contact with me!  And later he thanked me again for the meal and patted his stomach and said it was very good.  I almost died! 

I had left a note in the lunch sack asking if they could leave the lunch sack in the lobby with the front desk.  And as I was leaving the building there it was!  I couldn’t believe it.  And the spoon was nicely wiped too.  I am so happy!  It really was daebak!


It seems like Seunggi has various fans who come regularly to the SH filmings.  After each Thursday’s recording, there are a few fan accounts on DClsg about what he was wearing, etc.  Per promise made with the SH staff, audience members are not allowed to reveal who the guests are or the topic of the show.  Anyway, it also seems like they also regularly bring gifts whether big or small.  I think one of the fans also mentioned that someone had brought a case of Pyong Chang Su water bottles for everyone (Haitai beverage company that Seunggi endorses). 

And since there’s some news about Seunggi each week, it looks like they all tease or congratulate Seunggi about it at the filming.  Aw, so much SeungGi love! :)

And, fans are convinced that LSG checks in on his fansites at the Airen cafe and DClsg from time to time.  He mentioned at the filming that since his gag/joke corner of Strong Heart wasn’t going too well, some of his fans left him sample jokes to use and so he tried those out at the recent filming!

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  1. Thank you Ann for update about LSG’s fan accounts from the recent Strong Heart recording…
    Sure I love these
    Please continues………..more update :)

  2. Thank you for all update about LSGi ,love it .

  3. Ok, we fans absolutely love these things. For oversea fans like us, Korean fan accounts help us know more about Seunggi in real life.
    Keep on posting :D
    I love your blog, I check it everyday <3 <3

  4. Thanks for yr updates on LSG! Love yr blog!

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