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46th Baeksang Awards- Seunggi’s letter to Airen fans

(credit: instylekorea.com)

SeungGi’s letter left at his official Airen fanclub cafe

To the fans who gave me the Baeksang Popularity Award, thank you^^!!
From Seunggi

Today was another day that became a very happy day^^
I returned home with a happy heart and immediately am leaving you a message…

I should be used to awards ceremonies by now…
Because I received first place in the voting, it is true that I went to the awards
ceremony with a lot of anticipation.^^*ㅋㅋ
That is why I continually practiced at home what I would say…
At least this time, I would say all the people I wanted to thank!!
Thus, I went in depending on this…

However, after seeing the other sunbaes (more experienced actors) and then
settling into my seat… I felt like my heart was going to burst..^^;;;;;;;
That is why even though I had practiced so much to definitely mention the names
of our fanclub “Airen” and “DCinside Lee Seung Gi Gallery” who really put in so
much effort this time… Crazily, I did not get to mention this…
I sincerely apologize to you for this..ㅠㅠ

However, you fans know how truly thankful I am to all of you, right~~~?????!!!!
Really, you have to know this~!!!!ㅋㅋ

I believe that this Baeksang Popularity Award was given to me by all of you.
In particular, I want to say thank you again to the fans at the ceremony
who were not self-conscious at all and kept screaming ‘Lee. Seung. Gi.’ ^^*

Despite being there among all those actor sunbaes, I was able to receive
my award in a cool fashion without being disheartened because of all of you^^!!!
I will continue to put myself in your care!!!!! ㅋㅋ

Also to Airen, DCinsde Gallery fans, Emo Café fans, SeungGi Love Sunhee Love fans
And all the fanclubs that support and love Lee Seung Gi

From now on, I am thinking of using the one name Airen for future events.
I understand that each of the cafes and its activities may be different,
but all of you are people who are supporting and rooting for me, and it seems
that these are divided up in ways that are not necessarily easily defined.
From now on, I will refer to and communicate through the one “Airen” name. ^^!!

Not only the official café fans, but with all the various cafes…
many of you have been so curious about this…
though not daily, but I am peeking in online from time to time…
So let’s not go about saying a certain café has registered ~~
which have not registered ~~ (Mong hyung’s versionㅋㅋ)

My hope is that everyone will walk together on the same road with one heart^^*
It has absolutely nothing to do with taking care of certain fans more
or certain fans less~! I know full well the hearts of all of you who support me
And I am very thankful to all of you.^^!!

Ah and to the hyungs and donseng fans who support Lee Seung Gi!!
Because I’m a guy too, I can imagine it might be a bit embarrassing or hard for male
fans to show support for male celebrities, so I am very thankful to you guys too!
I will continue to put myself in your care, Hyungs!! ㅋㅋ (and Dongsengs too~!)

Lastly, to the fans who were hoping for the triple crown…
I am happy thinking about even just the love you have given me. ^^
Beyond the popularity award, the other nominees were fully qualified
and I think that very qualified sunbaes received the awards..^^

Some of you fans may feel a bit disheartened,
But I think that proceeding incrementally, step by step is better.
I sincerely congratulate all the sunbaes who were awarded today~~!!!!
Really everyone, all the actors at the ceremony are impressive people.^^!!! ㅋ

I was able to attend this wonderful event and on top of that,
able to win an award because of our fans. I want to thank you once again,
and because of all of you, I am strong and confident.
I really don’t know how I can repay this love…
Really, without using my head,
And with the “sincerity” I’m always striving for, I will seek to work hard.
Please continue to be great supporters..^^*

Have a good evening…
As soon as the drama is finalized,
I will prepare to show you another good side!!
I will work hard~!!!!
I love you..^^♡

(credit: leeseungki.com; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

7 Responses

  1. Thank you for all the translations. I’m not going to ask when you woke up this morning. zzzzzzzzz.

    There is a time for everything, Seung Gi’s turn will come. I think he would be the first to know. I’m looking forward to him perfecting his acting, maybe venturing into a non-romcom field in a few years. That’s where the rewards and awards lie IMHO.

    BTW, he could make a living being an inspirational speaker. Or a politician. haha

  2. he’s always good with speech! the confidence, charm and all. he’s born with it! i admire.

  3. Ann,thanks a lot, you’re so cool!!!

  4. Thanks Ann for sharing this…
    SeungGi, stay just the way you are…and please be healthy!!!

  5. Thanks to ann and lsgfans,for share this translation..

    I really2 happy to read ur letter..that’s show us that u never forget us as ur fans…even u are tired from ur full schedule,u still give a time to write those letter..i never regret to be ur fans..
    Please be healthy..
    And keep low profile..

  6. Agree with 1n2dfansubs, his msg always touch my heart. He really inspire a person to do more or/and to do better.
    Thanks Ann for everything. Ann & Seung Gi fighting! Haha

  7. Wow! LSG and fans truly love each other :-). Leaving a (very touching) message to his fans just after the awarding and upon arriving home is an action that maybe hard to see (or can never be seen?) in other celebrities. LSG deeply love his fans. I also salute the fans who have done their best to give LSG the popularity award with 53.42% votes which is more than one-half of the total voters and huge lead margin of 18.64% (53.42% – 34.78%). Congrats to LSG and his fans! You’re all amazing!

    Thank you so much to Ann for all the LSG updates. I’m truly grateful as I am also a fan of LSG. The English translations on all LSG news is greatly appreciated as well. Thank you so much to the translators.

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