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46th Baeksang Awards- Seunggi and Yoona [photos]

Congrats to Seunggi!  And kudos to LSG fans particularly at Airen Fan Club and DClsg for getting him 53% of the votes!

And since I’m not a hater…  congrats to Yoona too!  not necessarily easy to win this award two years in a row.  And even though i don’t think LSG would ever date Yoona (not because anything’s wrong with her but just because I don’t think he’d risk his career and image for that type of scandal)…  I know many LSG fans were pulling for Brilliant Legacy’s Han Hyo Joo but it just wasn’t meant to be at this time.  Per earlier post, I would’ve been fine with any of the top candidates as Seunggi got along fine with all of them.

EDIT 1 — After LSG got his award and walked off stage, MC Lee talked about how the LSG fans really liked, actually loved LSG.  Seunggi is getting a lot of attention during the awards, despite having only been there for this one part.  LSG seemed pretty nervous giving his speech.  He even said that he was nervous to be in front of all these top actors.  It was cute.  he even had to take a deep breath. 

EDIT 2 — I thought it was very sweet when he pointed out Han Hyo Joo and thanked her in his speech.  It looks like he is still there sitting in the front row in the corner but by himself, unless I’m confusing him with someone else. 

EDIT 3 — Han Hyo Joo is one of the persons presenting the last award.  That’s probably why LSG stayed.  Heard they were sitting next to each other in the audience but didn’t catch it myself.  Still love HwanSung! :)

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