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46th Baeksang Awards- red carpet has started

Seunggi better show up!!!!!! :) :)

Also a lot of other actors have been cited in the press as attending, including Seunggi, but no mention of Kim Nam Gil.  Hmmm, wonder if this might mean what I hope it means!  Also, the Popularity Award is going to be given out during the second part of the awards show, so it’s very possible that the male lead actor award may be given out early on during part one of the show.  Seunggi – Fighting!!!!

EDIT 1 — The new male actor award went to Kim Nam Gil. :( 
I guess it was kind of expected, that it would come down to him or Seunggi.  Congrats to Seunggi for being nominated.  It was tough competition.  So he didn’t show up on the red carpet, but he should definitely be there to recieve his Popularity Award during the second part of the show.

EDIT 2 — After his name was announced, Kim Nam Gil said “I apologize to Lee Seung Gi fans.” That was a nice touch.  I guess it was pretty evident from the screams that LSG fans were out in full force there.  :)  Seunggi is loved everywhere!

EDIT 3 — The variety award has gone to Park Sung Ho from Gag Concert.  I’m so glad that LSG did not win!  When Park Sung Ho went up to get his award, the first thing he said was “I’m sorry to the Lee Seung Gi fans” adding “I shouldn’t have recieved this award, I shouldn’t have” which is a gag line from the show.  ha ha ha.  That got a big laugh from the crowd.  Even though LSG is not there in person, he’s already been singled out by two of the winners!  omg, I think the fans are going to go crazy when he actually gets his popularity award!!!! :)

EDIT 4 — Part 2 has started.  Seunggi has arrived.  And the announcers just pointed him out to everyone, saying Seunggi you’ve finally arrived.  Seunggi laughed and looked embarrassed. 

3 Responses

  1. hey i was wondering if u know where i can watch this online ?

  2. Gomapshimida even i didn’t watch but i can imagine it..That’s so awesome that 2 winner mention his name…
    I really more and more sarangee….

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