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46th Baeksang Awards- Seunggi on the red carpet

Love Like the tux, but not sure how i feel about the new hairstyle.

4 Responses

  1. I think the vest is ok, and the hair is not so different, it’s almost the same :( juts a little more curly

  2. If you compare, I like him at KBS Award last year than this one. May be his chubby cheeks is back. But he still look cute :)

  3. yeah me too. something about the tux felt ill-fitted compared to what he wore for the awards ceremonies last December. also, i think it’s less his chubby cheeks, and more that he’s probably extremely exhausted and overworked! he needs some rest! good thing 1n2d isn’t filming for most of April!

  4. Isnt it more good if he could wear tuxedo like the SamSung Zipel CF… Wow… that one is morebetter and suit him more…lolz….

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