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46th Baeksang Awards- Winners (group photo)

(credit: Newsen)

Congrats again Seunggi!!!!!!
Look how handsome he looks, right in the front row next to Lee Byung Hyun!

Now that i think about it, I bet LSG and Lee Byung Hyun probably had a few things to talk about seeing it that Han Hyo Joo changed management companies a while back and is now with Lee Byung Hyun’s company, BH entertainment. LBH set up his own company, BH, a while back. And Bae Soo Bin is also with BH. So anyway, I’m sure Lee Byung Hyung has a vested interest in how Brilliant Legacy is faring in Japan and once it’s broadcast in other countries. So i can only imagine the sheer excitement, as well as nerves LSG felt upon meeting and talking with Lee Byung Hyun. :)

7 Responses

  1. wow! our Seung Gi gets to stand infront, beside LBH!! that really shows how popular and important he is… ^_^

  2. wow..he really stands out..even jang gu seuk head looks bigger n unpleasent..lol

  3. Chukaaee seunggiyaaa…
    No wonder u got that award…neomu..neomu hengbokhe…even i have expect that u got the the new actor award too…but don’t give up seunggiyaa..hwaiiting..
    I will always support u….
    Illbaaaak eee..

  4. chukhae seunggi yaaa…

  5. i’m so proud like a mum! haha

  6. congratulations…oppa;)

  7. congratz oppa…You always show your best..Proud to be an airen

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