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Lee SeungGi-Yoona, Baeksang Awards Male Female Popularity Vote 1st place

Lee Seung Gi and SNSD’s Yoona have won the Baeksang Popularity Awards.  Last week, at the close of the Baeksang Awards voting on the 23rd, Lee Seung Gi had 53.42% of the votes in the TV drama male actor category, placing him in 1st place.

In addition to the Popularity Award, Lee Seung Gi is also nominated for a total of 3 categories including Variety.  There is a lot of interest growing in how Lee Seung Gi will fare at the Baeksang Awards.  He received the nickname “the 70% ratings guy” due to the popularity of nation’s drama Brilliant Legacy recorded a high 47.1% ratings last year and nation’s variety show 1 Night 2 Days.

TVXQ’s Jung Yoon Ho who was in “Heading Down” came in 2nd place in the Popularity Award voting, followed by Queen Sun Deok’s Kim Nam Gil, You’re Beautiful’s Jang Geun Suk, and Hero’s Lee Jun Ki.

SNSD’s Yoona came in 1st place among the females for her work on MBC drama Cinderella Man.  Yoon received 31.76% of the votes.  My Fair Lady’s Yoon Eun Hye came in 2nd, followed by Brilliant Legacy’s Han Hyo Joo, and Highkick Through the Roof’s Hwang Jung Eom and Shin Sae Kyung placed 4th and 5th respectively.

The 46th Baeksang Awards show will be broadcast on the 26th at 8:00pm on KBS2TV.

Source: Newsen
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

4 Responses

  1. it doesn’t surprise me at all that Yoona won the poll :)).
    But have u guys seen the guest list for Baeksang award. Considering the fact that most of the time those who attend the award will win something and i saw Kim Nam Gil and Kang Go Dog name listed, does that mean that Seung Gi won’t win the mc category (which i hope he doesn’t coz i think he still has a long way to go to achieve Ho Dong or Jae Suk’s level) and the new actor award? Unless they are invited to give out some awards???

    • I was just checking the winners from last year and Yoona won the popularity award last year too for You are My Destiny. so she’s winning this two years in a row. congrats to her. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong won for the guys.

      she also won the new female lead actress award last year; and Lee Min Ho won the new male lead actor award for Boys over Flowers.

      it may just be me but it feels like the competition is more stiff for this year’s awards with some pretty high profile dramas and actors.

  2. I think Hodong won the MC Baeksang last year in 2008; I remember the 1n2d guys congratulating him on one of the episodes about it. even as a fan, i don’t want LSG to win the variety award; it’s way too early. But in terms of what he’s accomplished when he’s so much younger than the other guys and do it successfully with both shows is super impressive.

    with the yearly drama awards, it seems like stars know whether they’re going to win or not so only the winners show up. not sure if that’s the case with the baeksang. and plus you have both film and tv categories in one show. a lot of big names in both categories this year so i think a lot of the nominess may show up.

    I really really want lsg to take home the new lead actor award! def think it’ll come down to him or kim nam gil unless there’s some surprise.

  3. yeah, I followed the Baeksang in 2008 and i remember that Hodong showed up at the red carpet and at the end of the award he won the Daesang for TV category( i think that he’s the first MC to win).
    I’m really rooting for Seung Gi to win the New Actor too but as you already said somewhere KNM left quite an impression with his role in Queen Seon Duk.

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