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Brilliant Legacy, “Daebak” ratings in Japan as well, 1st in its time slot

As posted earlier, the ratings in Japan for Brilliant Legacy are “daebak” as well!  A lot of people are speculating that a certain LSG-HHJ kiss scene that was the highest rated scene in Kdrama last year may have somethng to do with it!  This news is being followed by the Korean news outlets as well. 

After the airing of this day’s episode in Japan,  the following such comments were left on the Fuji TV message board:  Sun Woo Hwan, manly and so cool; When he shielded Eun Sung from the water drops with his hand in the cave, Sun Woo Hwan’s love really showed; the kiss scene was really awesome; I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. 

A Fuji TV representative said “Typically the ratings during this time slot of 2:00 in the afternoon is aournd 4-5%.  We were also really surprised by the ratings as well.  If this trend continues, we believe that the ratings can easily surpass 10%.  In particular, Lee Seung Gi’s popularity is soaring in Japan.” 

Brilliant Legacy’s March airing on Fuji TV follows the January kdrama broadcast of “Kim Sam Soon,” the February kdrama broadcast of “The Sun’s Woman.” 

Brilliant Legacy recorded 40% ratings when it was broadcast in Korea on SBS from April to July in 2009.

Source: Edaily (SPN)
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

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