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SeungGi CF shots everywhere in Korea

With all the CFs that Seunggi is doing, it seems like he’s hard to miss.  From the billboards hanging in the airports and city streets to promos next to his endorsements at retail stores, he is everywhere!  Here are some of the latest ads…

Chung Jung Won – city street advertisements
“SeungGi sshi, Where are you going?”

Have no idea who these two girls are but they seem to really like seunggi! ha ha ha.  they posted these Seunggi pix on their naver blog

(credit: Naver blog; DClsg)

Kolon Sport – Behind the Scenes photos of fashion shoot
Looking forward to seeing all the photos from the fashion shoot with Lee MinJung;
so far only two types of clothing shots have come out. 

(credit: DClsg; Official Airen cafe)

Newest newspaper ad — should see him wearing a lot more Kolon on 1n2d.

(credit: Daum; tryp96@soompi)

Zipel Massimo Zucchi – Fashion shoot and info brochures
How often does one get a fashion shoot booklet when looking to buy a fridge?

(credit: DClsg)

Zipel Assak kimchi fridge – Retail store promos
“Zipel Assak is #1.  All the mothers, thank you~”
And you wonder why all the moms, young and old, love Seunggi!  With a shout out like that from seunggi himself, how can moms not buy a kimchi fridge!

(credit: DClsg)

Pyong Chang Su Water – bus advertisements

(credit: cyworld; DClsg)

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