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Jessica, SeungGi, and scarf kiss on Strong Heart news

(photo credit: Arts News)

EDIT —  okay, the Strong Heart PDs got what they wanted.  The Jessica-Seunggi scarf kiss preview news is getting top buzz on the internet portals and news sites.  Fine, you have to get people interested to watch.  And if it’s like the ep last week between SeungGi and his kdrama partner from Famous Princesses where it was for fun and acting – fine.  But Strong Heart has done this a few times already- putting out preview news linking SeungGi to some female guest to get attention prior to the show.  and sure sometimes inevitable, but I’d rather not see this on a regular basis.  It’s not a match-making relationship show…

Like usual, there are sensationalized press releases coming out in preview of Tuesday night’s broadcast of Strong Heart. And supposedly SNSD’s Jessica, one of the guests on the show that day, says that she dreams about having a romantic “scarf kiss” (popularized in kdramas) someday.  And if I’m reading the news correctly… that they then either acted out some sort of related scene or SeungGi directed Jessica in a related scene…

okay, for both Jessica’s and Seunggi’s sakes, I’m hoping this is one of those preview press releases that is totally misleading and overhyped! How can anyone forget what happened to actor Suh Ji Suk last time he was on SH with Jessica? He confessed his admiration for her and gave her a gift and after the episode aired, he said (sort of half jokingly but half seriously) he didn’t leave his house for a week so that he wouldn’t get beat up! And all these Jessica fanboys left mean msgs about him. And also, how about when LSG fans were ready to boycott Strong Heart early on when they kept on linking him to all these girl guests, particularly SNSD Yoona!

I’m going to totally assume that it won’t be as bad as what the press is reporting, and that it is probably more sensational than real… the Strong Heart PDs love SeungGi –
I doubt they’d do anything to tick off his fans, let alone get Jessica’s fans all upset with him! :)

5 Responses

  1. i’m just wondering what a scarf kiss is?

    • Don’t quote me on this — but I think it’s from a winter scene between Hwang Jung Eom and Daniel Choi from the popular MBC sitcom Highkick through the Roof where he kisses her by wrapping his scarf around her… something corny like that! :)

      it’s like the candy kiss idea that was popularized by Lee Byung Hyun and Kim Tae Hee in kdrama Iris.

      • oh! What i imagined was there’s a scarf between them, then they have to kiss. lol. that would be fun to watch! Thanks ann, I couldn’t get through soompi that’s why i tried to visit ur blog.

  2. huhuhu…i hope i’m jessica…..hahaha…dream on me!!! well i will choose candy kiss than scarf kiss…ha3x..again..dream on!!!

  3. this part was cute and funny, i haven’t understood what they were saying but still it made me smile

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