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LSG on 1n2d (3/21)

What woke LSG up from his beauty sleep on Sunday’s 1n2d?

DClsg links to some very very brief video clips:

Waking up to Soo Geun’s voice

Headed back to base camp

Practicing to lose rock-paper-scissors

Can’t believe ep ended without knowing if LSG won that “losing” rock-paper-scissors match! :(  Kind of looked like he was about to put out scissors… hope not!  loved how the PDs set up this game with all the 1n2d guys doing something different.  omg, Hodong and the jumprope was too funny!  For a big big guy, he’s got some mad athletic skills!

Click HERE to see previous 1n2d episode clips of LSG and his hyungs taking a trip to the sauna. 

4 Responses

  1. I think PD try to torture us. I am dying to know what is going to happen.

  2. he woke up due to Soguen’s voice. hehehe..he’s reaction is so cute there…nwy, what episode was this?

  3. omo omo…seung gi look so cute in this picture…i prefer this hair better than the 1 he had during baek sang award….lols :)

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