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Dong Yi: Brilliant Legacy’s ‘HwanSung’ Han Hyo Joo

LSG’s Brilliant Legacy HwanSung other half’s new MBC sageuk drama Dong Yi had its first broadcast in Korea on Monday night.  It is in the same time slot as SBS medical sageuk drama and KBS drama comedy Birth of the Rich.  There are high hopes for Dong Yi because it’s from the same PD who did Jewel of the Palace that launched Lee Young Ae into acting fame; the PD also personally chose Han Hyo Joo.  After the release of the tv ratings, some of the news outlets are reporting that the Dong Yi ratings were lower than expected.

According to TNS Media, the ratings for Dong Yi’s 1st broadcast was 11.4% while the SBS and KBS dramas in the same slot were 13.2% and 15.5% respectively.  But it’s only the first episode and plus I think there are going to be like 50 episodes altogether.  In addition to HHJ, Bae Soo Bin from Brilliant Legacy is also in Dong Yi.

Hwaiting ~~~  HHJ and BSB and Dong Yi and Brilliant Legacy!!!!

It makes me think of the crazy pressures and expectations placed on the actors to produce high drama ratings.  Anyway, still early, but hoping the best for SeungGi’s drama Gumiho…  I have a good feeling about it already! :)

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  1. I like it the story – I wish it was in English
    It’s very hear to read.

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