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Triple crown Lee Seung Gi at 46th Baeksang Awards?

There’s an article about Seunggi up on the main page of the 46th Baeksang Awards site, and also at ISplus news.  The article talks about how LSG was actively involved in drama, variety, and singing last year and now he also looks to be making his mark at the 46th Baeksang Arts Awards to be held on March 26th.  LSG is nominated in the TV category awards for new actor, variety, and also for the all around popularity award.  As of the 21st, LSG had earned 52.2% of the votes for the popularity award.  Also, if i’m reading the article correctly,  I think it says that if LSG wins in all three categories, he would be the first to be a triple crown winner at the awards.

The article says that up to this point, there are just a handful of people who have won two awards at the Baeksang Awards and there were two drama productions many years back that had each won 6 awards.


The 46th Baeksang Awards will be held on March 26, 2010 at 8pm and will be broadcast on KBS.  There’s no formal statement from LSG’s management company, Hook, that LSG will be at the Baeksang Awards. Plus, early on there was some rumbling among fans because there was an announcement circulating in the news that LSG and MC Mong would be performing at a Lotte celebratory event on the same day as the Baeksang Awards, and thus might not be attending the Baeksang Awards.  (Seriously, this is the Baeksang, I just can’t imagine him not showing up!)

Anyway, an LSG fan called up Hook to ask about this report that LSG was going to be doing this other event.  And Hook supposedly said that LSG did not have anything on his schedule as of now for the 26th (meaning that it’s open for the Baeksang Awards), and that they did not know about the news circulating about the Lotte performance.  So then some other fan contacted Lotte and a rep there said that it is true, that they had invited LSG and MC Mong to perform at their celebratory event but that nothing had been confirmed.  (So what’s the deal with sending out a press release then if you haven’t even confirmed the ppl!)  Anyway, so yesterday, it looks like Lotte has officially put out that Shin Seung Hoon will be performing at the event instead.

So the question now is whether LSG will show up on the red carpet.  It seems like he has a tendency not to do red carpets but this is the Baeksang, so he better! :)  Also, the voting for the popularity award doesn’t end until the 23rd and so even though LSG has a big lead in 1st place, per earlier post about the Baeksang voting, fans in korea aren’t taking any chances.

Here are the 3 awards that LSG is up for and the nominees in that category.
Popularity award is nice, but I’m sure LSG would love the Male Actor award…
Some pretty stiff competition…

New Male Actor in a TV drama

MC in a TV Variety Show

Male Popularity Award in a TV Drama

See all the categories and nominees for the TV part HERE.

See all the categories and nominees for the FILM part HERE.

And keep up with the real-time Popularity Award vote results at link in top left.

4 Responses

  1. i don’t think he will be able to win 3 awards, the most is 2.. in fact, only the popularity award we are quite sure that he will get it. As for new actor award, his rival will be Kim Nan Gil, so there is still a 50% chance for him. But for MC award, this is 1 that i absolutely has no confidence of him winning when Kang Ho Dong & Yoo Jae Suk is up there! Both of them have won MC award in SBS & KBS yearly award ceremony, so i can say that if SGi really win this, it is really a big surprise!!!
    i definitely wish he can win as many as he can but others might question the judges as he is still young and new in the hosting arena. it will be too early to present that award to him..

  2. I personally wanna him to won only 2 award, popularity is of little doubt and male actor will be a big honor. But the Mc award is no joke. If Seunggi wins, I’m not sure how the media will respond >_< It's a big deal

  3. Yeah, i think even his fans are not wanting him to win the variety MC award! :) but he’s nominated not just for strong heart; it’s for his work on both SH and 1n2d. but either way,

    anyway, i think he’d rather be recognized for his acting right now. i think it may come down to LSG or Kim NamGil. I haven’t seen Queen Sundeok yet, but I heard that Kim NamGil’s character was pretty amazing.

  4. actually i read that Kim Nan Gil debuted 10yrs ago and acted in small/supporting roles……

    now the more i think SGi deserved the New Actor Award more than him…keke…because he is in his 2nd drama only and his acting is not bad already(though still not good enough to render him a Best Actor yet)..

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