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46th Baeksang Popularity Award campaign

(created by DClsg)

Seunggi’s fans in Korea are super serious about ensuring that he take home the 46th Annual Baeksang Male TV Popularity Award.  Above is the promo, step by step directions created by DClsg fans.  They are not playing around!  LSG’s Airen fan members are probably even more hardcore!  I think you have to pay each time you vote too (although not a lot).  And it looks like it’s paying off…

> Click here to read more >>” />LSG has been in first place for a while.  He currently has 52% of the votes!  DBSK’s YunoYuno is in 2nd place with 36% of the votes.   Voting ends on the 23rd.  But it looks like LSG fans are not taking any chances.  Until then, check out the real-time voting results at the Baeksang Awards results link to the left.

And don’t forget to check out the female nominees — whoever wins will get the honor of accepting her award together with Seunggi! ha ha ha.

Based on current votes, it looks to be SNSD’s Yoona, whom the press is probably crossing their fingers for based on previous Strong Heart Yoona-LSG hoopla.

LSG’s Zipel kimchi fridge CF partner, Yoon Eun Hye is in second place.

And unfortunately, SBS Drama Awards Best Couple winner, HwanSung’s other half Han Hyo Joo, is in a very distant third place.  Hopefully, the two will get to promote Brilliant Legacy together in other countries later on.  prob won’t happen for a long time though since HHJ be filming Dong Yi and LSG will start filming Gumiho in a few months.  Dong Yi premieres in Korea today.  Han Hyo Joo Hwaiting!!!!

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