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1n2d BTS photos and fan accounts (3.20.10)

man, 1n2d stalker-dom was in full force this past weekend!  Can’t tell the staff members apart from the fans!  That looks like Seunggi’s manager behind him, in the blue hat?  A while back, I think he somehow became manager-slash-bodyguard! :)

Aw, Hodong with that big smile on his face.  Whenever I see him with Seunggi smiling like that, he seems so much like an older brother that’s just so proud of LSG.  :)

(credit: cyworld minihompy; DClsg)

According to this person’s cyworld minihompy — she had gone to [this area of Korea] for work and just happened to see Hodong and Seunggi filming for 1n2d.  She wrote:

Really Really Seunggi was even more “shabang”
than when I saw him last year at the music fesitval!

Totally………  Ah totally amazing!!!!

Below, from previous day’s filming – photo and fan account

  (credit: Nate Board post)

Per the message posted on the Nate message board, this girl wrote about seeing the 1n2d filming, but mainly wrote about how she totally became a 1n2d and Seunggi fan! awwww. :)  Here’s the translation of the LSG excerpt:

Hearing that the 1n2d members had come to KyunJu…
Since it’s close to where we live, my friends and I rushed there^^
Wow!  In my lifetime, seeing a celebrity right in front of my nose…
I was so happy ~~~
After watching the 1n2d filming… I totally became a Seunggi oppa fan!!!
Lee Seunggi oppa!!
omg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!  Nothing even needs to be said!

Honestly, I’m a (9th grader?) who liked Jiwon oppa just a little bit more…
And at first, I felt a bit dismayed because Jiwon oopa wasn’t there, but….
There’s really nothing you can say after seeing Seunggi oppa in person!
Like you think a celebrity really is a celebrity….

He’s even taller than I had thought, and his face is really so small!  And his skin is so amazing…  that the ajumas behind me were asking whether he was wearing makeup, and if he isn’t can his face be so bright and shining like that, saying they’d have to check his face later on. And as the 1n2d members were leaving after filming, one ajumma ran over and patted him on the face… ah, I was so envious!!! And so it appears that he did not have makeup on.  seriously, what does he eat so that a guy’s skin actually looks like that…

After watching the 1n2d filming… I totally became a Seunggi oppa fan!!!
Mong oppa and Seunggi oppa greeted all the people as they passed by…
Seunggi oppa was very popular~  From ajumas to ajusshis… even the little kids…
and the guys really liked him too…

Even though they were probably tired from filming, he greeted each and every person, and waving first to the babies and little kids… it was really touching. 

Seunggi oppa didn’t seem any different from his image on tv~ All the things people always say about him, like that he really seems kind, is handsome, so polite…
It really seemed the same when I saw him~ 

After seeing how he was yesterday, I totally became a 1n2d and Seunggi oppa fan!!!!

5 Responses

  1. Hi, can I post your translation of this fan message on my page? I really really like it. It’s so real, right?

  2. What does Shabang mean?? ehehe…

    • bright? sparkly? Amazing? i think it comes from that trot song “Shabang Shabang” — if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video clip of LSG 1n2d performance of the song on this site.

  3. Hahaha! LSG is always smiling so brightly..

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