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Real-time CF updates and rankings

With all of suenggi’s CFs, definitely check out these two websites to keep up with the different tv cfs, print ads, etc. being released and how many he’s doing…

Click on AD.co.kr – Lee Seung Gi CFs page; it lists all his current ads (tv cfs, print, and radio), and it’s updated regularly.  And check out other celeb cfs and see who’s most hot at the moment.  Just click the options at the top under “ADwaple” and it lists all the celeb names. If you can’t read Korean, just click around and you can tell who’s who by the images!  

The second site, check out TV CFs – Models Ranking page.  Very cool because you know everyone just loves-to-hate and hates-to-love Kpop’s obsession with rankings!  Anyway, this is updated daily too. It shows the number of ads they currently have out at the moment.  Ice Queen Yuna ranks in at #1 and Prince Seunggi is at #2.  :)  Also in the top 10 as of now, SNSD, Lee Min Ho, and others.

Everyone’s still waiting for Queen Yuna and Prince Seunggi to meet in person for a new KB Bank CF — perhaps after Yuna’s competition in March :)

2 Responses

  1. after yuna’s competition in march, she’ll be back in korea for the ice show in april. hopefully she’ll be guested in ksj to promote the show and for them to meet finally.

    • am really holding out for Yuna to show up on Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang)! SBS airs all her competitions! omg, seunggi would freak out!

      but i think she’ll probably do a more one-on-one interview variety show like Hodong’s Golden fishery show on MBC? i just love kim yuna, as does everyone else i’m sure! :)

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