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1n2d KimC tweets BTS photos (3.18.10)

Some 1n2d photos from Kim C’s twitter feed.  As posted earlier, the 1n2d guys are filming for 4 days this weekend.  These shots are great because 1n2d fans usually have to scour the internet for scoop about where the guys are filming.  Fan photos prior to tv broadcasts are always such big hits on internet portal sites in Korea.

It’s about time one of the 1n2d guys started taking some Behind-the-Scenes photos and sharing!  I hope Kim C continues to do this!  Even though a lot of the fans in Korea give him a hard time for not being outwardly enthusiastic or not reactionary enough — I really like Kim C and all that he stands for!

SeungGi enjoying some local cuisine?

MC Mong, JongMin, SeungGi. aw, the 3 look good together!
and looks like the 3 youngest guys were put in the back! :)

SeungGi & JongMin. Kim C wrote that this was really taxing on the legs.

Snow? They must’ve gone to some mountainous area?
And I was thinking they would have a comfy warm spring-like shoot :(

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