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Top 5 Stars best suited for cap and gown [ENG]

Another silly ranking/survey, but it’s about Student Seunggi so I love it!  It was college graduation time in Korea last month, Ystar’s ranking of the top 5 stars perfectly suited in cap and gown.  #5- Ha Ji Won, #4- Kim So Yun, #3- Lee Yoon Ji,  #2- Lee Seung Gi, #1- Kim Tae Hee.  (Honorable Mention- Kim Sun Ah, Jang Nara).

(credit: arirangworld)

The usual was used to describe Suenggi: Model student, finished college in exactly 4 years, was high school president, etc. I don’t think LSG is kidding when he says that in trying to show his best efforts and characteristics to the public, people may think too highly of him!  Just love love love Kim Tae Hee!

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