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SBS Strong Heart PD Park’s minihompy

(credit: as labeled)

There’s been a lot of growing interest in Strong Heart PD Park Sang Hyuk, from the media and fans, especially with the show enjoying strong ratings despite having only premiered in Oct 2009.  And per previous post, LSG fans were super happy when PD Park wrote on his minihompy that his sense of pride for Seunggi was like that of a mother’s heart for her son.  But the LSG fans were especially psyched when PD Park signed up for the Lee Seung Gi fan club last week! ha ha ha.  
Fangirl (actually fanboy) PD Park.   

Anyway, someone asked me if I knew anything about PD Park’s homepage –
so here’s the the link to his minihompy.  But it looks like you have to be registered to read his personal notes.  But the pix and other forum stuff seem to be public.  Looks like he’s really into fishing! :) 

also, nice shot there of LSG’s Seoul concert poster in on the wall behind him :)

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