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Latest rumors about Kdrama “Gumiho”

Here’s the latest scoop about Seunggi’s Gumiho kdrama —
(Thanks tryp for letting me post your blurb here!) :)

There are really a lot of rumors floating around about the new drama, even on the production side. And they sound pretty complicated. The Hong sisters supposedly want to work with Kim Sang Ho PD from MBC (they’ve worked together before on Couple of Fantasy), but they can’t agree on who they want for the female lead. The production company also couldn’t reach an agreement with MBC on some copyright issues.

And while they’re still waiting to hear from the actress who PD Kim wanted for the female lead, the production company went ahead and gave the script to Shin Se Kyung. They also planned to give the copyrights to SBS, and to use Hong Sung Chang PD (the PD of YB). But the Hong sisters didn’t really want to work with PD Hong anymore, and were insisting on PD Kim. The actress PD Kim wanted was either Han Ye Seul or Im Soo Jung. It seems that everyone involved in the drama wants a different person for the female lead, and one of them (not sure which one) does want Sandara Park, hence the earlier rumors.

Gosh, just writing this gives me a headache. I hope they’ll get everything figured out soon.

About the characters – SeungGi’s character, Cha DaeUng, is in his early 20s. His dream is to become an action star, and he’s currently a college student in the drama and film department. His mom is strongly opposed to him becoming an action star, but can never win any of their arguments. He is very immature, but is kind-hearted. He is also headstrong, but likes to meddle in other people’s business. He is very good at acting, especially when he needs to get his mom to pity him and empty her wallet out for him.

The gumiho is over 500 years old. When DaeUng accidentally found out that she’s a nine-tailed fox, she ordered him to keep it a secret. But she couldn’t trust him because of his immaturity, and was afraid that he would still tell his friends her secret. So to make sure that he keeps his promise, she starts to follow him around, or even lives with him.

(translation from Chinese to English: tryp96@soompi)
(credit: leeseungki.com)

I will be so glad once the broadcast company (MBC or SBS) gets finalized and the female lead gets chosen!  Although, just brace yourselves for ppl, fans, and the media to overreact either way.  I really think it’s going to be good – anticipating this drama!

To read more about the Gumiho drama, check out earlier posts here and here.

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  1. Hmm…interested in seeing how all this pans out. Either way I’m glad they all agree on Seung Gi. I think this is a great choice for him and so far I’m liking the premises. I can already picture the fun and chaos already. I’m all for a light hearted “young ” drama. Playing a college kid? Perfect. Great way to make seung Gi more relevant to his age bracket.

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