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Which actress do you want to see next to SeungGi at the Baeksang Awards?

Few more days to go in the Baeksang voting but it looks like seunggi’s going to win unless the TVXQ fans decide to seriously mobilize at the last minute; he’s currently at 51%.  Make sure to check in on the real-time results at the Baeksang link at top left. Anyway, noticed that the majority of the top 12 vote-getting females for the same award have some sort of direct or indirect relationship to LSG:

(photo credits: Baeksang Awards)


1. yoona – has the honor of holding the title of LSG’s ideal type girl :)

2. yoon eun hye – cf partner for Zipel kimchi fridge; their CF got tons of love.

3. han hyo joo – Hwan-Sung couple. enough said. look so comfortable together.


4. hwang jung eom – confessed she secretly likes watching programs w/ LSG in them; but in the her Ideal World Cup final 2, she chose Kim Namgil over lsg.

5. shin sae kyung – potential on-screen love for new drama Gumiho.

6. eugene – lsg made it past a round or two in her ideal cup; wants to meet LSG.


7. moon chae won – LSG chose her over hyojoo, shocking BL HwanSung fans.

8. lee min jung – new cf partner for Kolon Sport.

9. go hyun jung – was w/ Hook Ent. way back when, supposedly very good to LSG.


10. kim tae hee – both are representative national uhm-chin-ahs!  she and lsg are often the top picks for those numerous ridiculous, unscientific online polls/surveys.

11. ji hyun – none.

12. nam sang mi – music video partner for LSG’s song “Words that are Hard to say”

So, just for fun and only for fun —
Who do you want to see standing next to SeungGi when he wins his award?

to all the fangirls, relax – it’s just standing next to LSG, nothing else! :)
to the LSG soompiers, sorry that Kim Yuna is not an option here :)

31 Responses

  1. For me I like to see him with
    1. Han Hyo Joo – Hwan-Sung couple(they always look great together)
    2. Kim Tae Hee: just imagine the pics of them will be all over the internet…haha
    That just my thought.:)

    Thank you Ann for always update about LSG :) Fighting

  2. 1. HAN HYO JOO – they look good together and comfortable with each other. I wish kim yuna is included but obviously she’s doesn’t belong in that category

    2. NAM SANG MI – he showed interest to her during his early days in xman and didn’t even fear kang hodong about him taking away his partner( who happened to be NSM)

  3. Always HAN HYO JOO….best couple….great chemistry.

  4. i love lee seung gi! i think yoona is going to win since she is already in first place in the votes. i want to see how lee seung gi and yoona will act if they have to be up there together.

  5. han hyo joo. such a nice pair!

  6. it might be good to watch seungi beside yoona …hope they both win an award!

  7. Han Hyo Joo is my favorite choice as the gal next to LSG. They were such a beautiful couple at the Japan promotion. They are so relaxed and at ease with each other.

  8. I would give anything to have a gorgeous and cheerful girl like Han Hyo Joo as a partner. LSG should not let go of the chance. Ha…ha,,,

  9. Absolutely Han Hyo Joo..

  10. Of course Han Hyo Joo ….HwanSung forever…

  11. absolutely han hyo joo.. they didn’t win sbs best couple for nothing!

  12. Of course it has to be Han Hyo Joo. And I think LSGi really likes her. Heehee!

  13. just checked the real time results (again in the top left of this site) —

    and woah, looks like yoon eun hye fans are really mobilizing for their star! yoona was enjoying a comfortable lead for a while, but now there’s about 2% points difference between the two. with hyo joo in 3rd place. Voting ends on March 20th.

    these 3 all have close ties to Seunggi so i’ll be happy to see any of the 3 win.

  14. Han Hyo Joo !

  15. Han Hyo joo perfect match with LGS. love( mark123 )comments on the best SBS couple. They sure didn’t win for nothing.:)

  16. moon chae won..well, i it’s ‘coz i like her..hha.

  17. Han Hyo Joo!!

  18. Ann.

    Oh, scratch that, actress, got it. Hyo Joo for me. They set off the same happy vibe, the real Samsung couple.

  19. How can anyone not love this girl?

    • HHJ really is too cute and aside from HwanSung looking great together, the real LSG seem so comfortable together. I think she puts LSG at ease!

      but don’t think HHJ votes are going to come through. looks like it’s going to either be a LSG-Yoona reunion since Strong Heart or LSG-YEH reunion since Zipel CF filming.

      most likely yoona will get the top votes — i can only imagine how crazy the press is going to go with the photos of them together.

  20. LOL
    Ann, of course LSG soompiers adore Kim Yuna so much :D
    So funny you have to give excuse at the post for can not including her
    Without Yuna, I’d choose HHJ. totally a HwanSung shipper

  21. count me in guys! from the undying Hwansung fan.han hyo joo of course..I really love this couple. they really look good together..how would it be nice if they become a real couple?? yay! im still dreaming…

  22. Han Hyo Joo!!!

  23. why yuna’s excluded? lol, without her, i’d go for han hyo joo!

  24. and the winner is… snsd yoona!!(reality based)

  25. Han Hyo Joo!!

  26. Of course Han Hyo Joo, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi have big chemistry, they are the best couple!!!

  27. Absolutely Han Hyo Joo, everyone loves Han Hyo Joo, and Lee Seung Gi Is the only pair for HHJ, GO HWANSUNG!! Love You SO Much

  28. HAN HYO JOO!
    They look so good together :D
    Why yoona??? ):

  29. And anyway, ideal girl type not really ‘like’ right, i hope..

  30. Park Shin Hye… ^^

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