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Strong Heart 3.16.10 – LSG & onscreen girlfriend reunite

(photo credit: newsen)

The meeting between LSG and Shin Ji Soo was all over the internet prior to Tuesday night’s broadcast, and SJS who’s currently on SBS saguek medical drama (I think it’s a smaller role) was in the top 10 searches online all day, and she’s still in the searches the next morning after the show.  She must be thinking man, I should’ve gotten back in touch with LSG earlier! :)  probably even more interest with the recent news that LSG is going to making his drama comeback in a few months.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, it’s very cute.  I know some of you were looking forward to the basic gist, so here’s a summary of that part.

Hodong introduces Shin Ji Soo as DaengJa’s mother, and LSG says it’s been such a long time.  KHD tells them to greet each other and they both are very awkward.  But then LSG gets into kdrama Hwang TaeJa character role and greets her, to which SJS replies back in character, “DaengJa’s dad, I’ve missed you” – cracking everyone up.

Even though she is 2 yrs older than LSG, SJS said that he never called her noona or even by her name, that he always called her by her character name, DaengChil or DaengJa’s mom.  hodong of course is just loving all this drama and asks lsg why he didn’t address her as noona to which lsg says that at first, he thought she was younger than him.  and that secondly, her character was so much younger than him and plus he played her tutor, so he thought it would help their acting to call her by her character’s name.

And then of course Danny Ahn (former idol group GOD member) who plays the pseudo player/relationship guru on Strong Heart, gets involved and says that if a guy is younger than the girl but he doesn’t call her noona, the girl can sometimes mistake that to mean that the guy might be interested in her.  (gotta love Danny!)  immediately, SJS says yes, I felt confused by that to which LSG asked when did you feel that way… and SJS responds wittily and w/ perfect timing a line from LSG’s noona, you’re my woman song!  this of course cracked everyone up!  it was too funny.

SJS said, she was feeling good thinking that LSG wasn’t addressing her as noona b/c maybe he might be interested in her.  and so of course Hodong had to press more on this!  she also said that b/c her character gets pregnant that she started really feeling like she was pregnant when she wore the fake belly, wanting to eat all sorts of foods and stuff.  And hodong jokes, you liked seunggi that much that you imagined you were really pregnant w/ his child and SJS says well he was my husband!  and then LSG jokes, yes i felt bad since it was me that made you that way (meaning his character getting her pregnant on the drama)!  everyone cracks up again.

LSG says that’s actually how good SJS’s acting was.  And then he tries to say her name but totally stutters, saying that he’s never actually called her by name!  So hodong says you should call her noona now and Hyojin (the comedian lady in the back) says that since lsg got her pregnant, that’s the least he can do!  you should take responsbility!  this cracks everyone up again.  And so lsg addresses her as noona and asks if she’s doing okay to which SJS responds by quoting a line from LSG’s song asking him to not call her noona but the less formal “nuh” – laughter ensues! :)

See video clip:  Seunggi and Girlfriend from Famous Princesses [SH cuts]

(photo credit: TVdaily)

3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Ann. This will make it more enjoyable for me to watch this episode later. I think my fav partner for LSGi now is Shin Ji Soo. She is just so cute.

  2. Very cute. I really loved her character and the two made such adorable “kid” parents. They took a serious situation and made it fun and light hearted. Seeing Seung Gi in this drama convinced me he had a natural aptitude for acting. Or at the very least he’s comfortable in front of the camera and it sure loves him back =)

  3. SJS was so cute on Strong Heart and i wish there was a video clip somewhere so i could post — but the 2 together were soooo cute! def want to go back and check out the Infamous princesses drama.

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